Tribe 4 Episode 49

AMBER says goodbye to TRUDY and BABY BRAY, and leaves with JAY and EBONY.

SAMMY and MOUSE give Paradise a go. SAMMY thinks it’s fantastic, but MOUSE doesn’t like seeing things she can’t have.

PRIDE still hasn’t been able to tell MAY he doesn’t love her.

RAM boasts of his achievements, and of the success of the Paradise software.

SAMMY shows off his Paradise dreams CD to LEX, who’s not impressed.

JAY and AMBER are getting along swimmingly, to EBONY’s discomfort. They take a shortcut through the hills.

LEX visits TAI SAN in his Paradise. SIVA plays it back to find out why he was crying.

PRIDE tells SALENE he never loved MAY, but he feels guilty for not missing her.

JAVA and MEGA try to find VED without success. They’re afraid they could be as easily gotten rid of.

SAMMY discovers that LEX was looking at MOUSE’s girly dreams, not his. He is horrified at his loss of cred.

EBONY fakes a twisted ankle to get JAY’s sympathy.

SIVA tells LEX she understands about his feelings for TAI SAN, and they state their love for each other.

PRIDE finally tells MAY that he’s in love with SALENE. He tells SALENE, and they reconcile.

RAM explains to JAVA why he must leave his failing body.

TECHNOS raid the ECOS camp, taking BRADY.

TRUDY and HAWK are helpless to do anything but watch as BRADY and the others are herded onto a truck.