Tribe 4 Episode 50

EBONY, JAY and AMBER approach the city in disguise, trying to dodge the cameras.

JAVA’s motion detector picks up a familiar figure – is it EBONY? JAVA says no and deletes the image.

LEX does a deal with the BARMAN on other people’s fantasies – DVDs taken from the Technos’ lab.

EBONY, JAY and AMBER approach a zombie-like group using Paradise. Someone comes up behind EBONY, it’s JAVA.

PATCH tries to talk to DEE but loses his nerve. MAY broods as SALENE tries to explain about PRIDE.

EBONY watches as there is a joyful reunion between JAY and AMBER and the Mall Rats. LEX dampens the mood.

RAM wants to know about the search for JAY and EBONY. MEGA is committed to the search, leaving JAVA fuming.

LEX thinks JAY and EBONY should leave. He loses the vote. EBONY is unhappy JAY wants AMBER to lead the city.

LEX is angry and SIVA’s had enough of EBONY pushing her around. LEX tells her to deliver an ultimatum to EBONY.

PATCH puts his love into words. DEE and MAY have a heart to heart. Men never mean ‘I love you’.

LEX recruits SAMMY for DVD delivery. They hide as JAY leaves the Mall, where’s he going?

SIVA delivers her ultimatum to EBONY but to her astonishment EBONY cries.

JAY and MEGA meet surreptitiously. LEX watches.

DEE reads PATCH’s note and falls into his arms.

LEX reveals JAY met with MEGA and accuses JAY and EBONY of being on the TECHNOS’ side. AMBER steps in and unites them. An alarm rings, someone’s trying to get in.

It’s TRUDY, HAWK and ECO TRIBE members. Little BRAY is safe but BRADY has been taken by the TECHNOS!