Tribe 4 Episode 51

TRUDY is frantic, she wants to rescue BRADY. AMBER, SALENE, PRIDE and DEE try to calm her.

LEX and SAMMY hawk their DVDs to the workers.

JAY and MEGA meet and plot against RAM. JAY asks MEGA about BRADY.

LEX and SAMMY are making a killing but SIVA¹s on patrol. No time to hide, so they scarper without the DVDs.

MAY whimpers at PRIDE. SALENE to the rescue, MAY slips away. PRIDE and SALENE kiss, MAY watches hurting.

JAY tells the others that MEGA’s helping on the inside. LEX is suspicious. A vote is cast, LEX loses – again.

LEX is shocked to see DEE about to burn the DVDs he had left behind. He gets rid of her but SIVA arrives. So has to burn them himself.

SALENE catches MAY using Paradise and cuts her off by taking the disc. Curious SALENE tries it herself and is involved in happy memories that soon become too painful to see again. She destroys the headset.

JAY has good news. MEGA can disable the TECHNOs¹ weapons for their attack. MOUSE has bad news – TRUDY is missing.

TRUDY bursts into the Hotel and is captured. A TECHNO WOMAN intervenes, it’s TAISAN! TAISAN promises to look for BRADY and convinces the guards to release TRUDY.

EBONY comforts TRUDY. PATCH keeps DEE company on guard. TAISAN finds BRADY in the prison compound.

MEGA brings BRADY to the Mall. TRUDY is grateful and the others are convinced MEGA’s on their side – except LEX. TRUDY says she saw TAISAN but is not believed.

EBONY tells AMBER she is responsible for JAY’s life and if anything happens to him she will kill AMBER.

RAM and MEGA discuss their victory – they’ve pulled it off. MEGA has the MALL RATS’ confidence. RAM and MEGA have them where they want them…