Tribe 4 Episode 52

EBONY’s having bad dreams. JAY comforts her.

MAY’s grumpy and tells TRUDY SALENE isn’t fit to lead.

The MALL RATS gather for a council of war. LEX thinks they are walking into a trap.

RAM, MEGA and JAVA discuss the trap for the MALL RATS. TAI SAN walks in and is brushed off.

MOUSE is upset about the coming fight, AMBER comforts her.

DEE and PATCH exchange good luck charms, EBONY thinks she sees ZOOT, AMBER confesses to feelings for Jay.

The MALL RATS assemble for the battle. LEX makes a surprise appearance – he’s coming with them after all.

TAI SAN confronts MEGA about his treacherous plan.

MAY, SALENE and the ECOS survey the hotel. The MALL RAT army advances. SALENE is captured.

TAI SAN breaks out to find JAVA wants to do a deal.

RAM’s furious his fun may be spoiled, SALENE is let go.

SALENE calls for attack. The MALL RATS storm the hotel and are mown down. JAVA declares them all deleted.

MAY and SALENE wait – it’s quiet, too quiet.

RAM is put into his life support machine by MEGA.

The MALL RATS arise and tie up the guards and JAVA. LEX and TAI SAN are united, MEGA is revealed as a friend.

The MALL RATS debrief – RAM was fooled by his own technology.

RAM’s eternal Paradise looks more like a nightmare.

LEX catches up with TAI SAN. She’s just the girl she used to be – perhaps more.

Someone is calling EBONY’s name …