Tribe 5 Preview

So did you catch the last episode of Tribe Series 4 in July 2002, which was full of drama and surprises? Holy cliffhangers!! What a way to end a series. But for every ending there is a new beginning – and Tribe series 5 is heading your way (for the latest information, visit our News section).

Tribe fans all around the world are eager to know what is going to happen in Series 5. The writing team behind the Tribe is busy at the moment on Series 5 and the word on the Cloud 9 grapevine is that Tribe 5 looks like being the best series yet. The creator of The Tribe, Raymond Thompson, always envisaged at least 5 series and we can’t wait for the cameras to start rolling in October 2002 – with the series itself hitting screens around the world from early 2003.

So what’s going to happen? Well – it is a top secret. We don’t want to spoil the fun entirely. But, we can take a preview at what may be happening in Series 5. If you don’t want any speculation or spoilers, please don’t read this page further. If you’re intrigued by what may be – then read onŠ

After leading a rebellion by other Tribes, despite huge odds, the Mall Rats have helped defeat RAM’s powerful Techno Tribe. At the end of Series 4, the Techno headquarters is stormed and leading Technos are captured. But what now? Will AMBER stay in the city to help build a New World – or leave for the countryside with her Eco-Tribe? Will she ever find BRAY again? Or is there a new man in her life – none other than prominent ex-Techno, JAY? What about her baby boy, Bray?

SALENE and PRIDE seemed to have found true love – but SALENE always had a “thing” for a certain BRAY didn’t she? And what about PRIDE? Will MAY lure him back to her?

PRIDE is a firm believer in the ecology and hated the Technos for their technology and return to “adult ways”. Will the future be shaped by his vision – of a natural pure New World without pollution – or do we go “back” to the future with the Technos’ restoration of electrification, city NET, and city-life. Is PRIDE really “off” his addiction to virtual reality?

TRUDY loves her daughter, BRADY. At the end of Series 4, she seemed to have found stability and inner peace compared to the stresses and pressures of her life previously with the Chosen and Locos. But can the ex-lover of ZOOT – and mother of ZOOT’s child – ever find peace? Mightn’t she instead find greater problems and dangers yet to come, worse than she could ever imagine?

JACK. Captured by the Technos. A brilliant scientist, kind, goofy and eccentric, JACK was heart-broken over ELLIE. Will he and ELLIE find love in the future – or does destiny have something else in store for them both? Maybe there is a surprise for JACK – and for ELLIE – looming over the horizon?

LEX is happy at TAI-SAN’s return. A married man to SIVA, LEX faces the potential difficulties of his ex-wife returning -, as does SIVA. Is this a love triangle – or will LEX ditch one of his loves?

JAY and EBONY seemed to have found true love. But JAY’s biggest love has been his dream to build a New World, a vision he shares with AMBER. Might his affections swing to AMBER, the eternal enemy of EBONY? What will EBONY do? She had longed to be in control, to have power. Has she given this up for JAY? Or will she be forced to give everything up by the unexpected reappearance to her of none other than ZOOT…

They had it all – and lost it all. The city, power, it was their’s. RAM’s vision of eternal life through his virtual reality programme, Paradise, was so close to being realised. Until the Mall Rats ruined everything.

Where is RAM? Where did MEGA put him in the virtual world? Will MEGA release RAM from cyberland and bring him back to reality? Or is RAM really there still and the whole “losing power” to the Mall Rats was merely a deliberate ploy of his – or somebody else’s? Was there a sinister power “behind the throne” of RAM that was really in charge of everything – and is still in control?

JAVA is distraught at the apparent disappearance of RAM. She really did love him. Or was she merely play-acting? Does she know something we don’t? Whatever her feelings for RAM, JAVA always loved JAY. Has she given up hope with JAY? Or does she plan to bring JAY back into her life? With or without little sister EBONY?

MEGA was “mega” when it came to apparently toppling RAM. MEGA was a classic case of someone working both sides against each other. But where do his true loyalties lie – with the Technos? The Mall Rats? Himself? Now it seems RAM has gone, does this mean MEGA is the main man? What will he do? Establish a democracy? A dictatorship? Or something the Mall Rats thought was far behind them – a world of power and chaos…?

Is he back? Back from the dead? Or did he never really die? Did he somehow – however incredible – survive his journey on the boat to another world and instead return to Tribeworld? Or was EBONY’s vision of ZOOT one of RAM’s tricks? A form of virtual reality perhaps?

Is ZOOT really back? If so, maybe his prophecy of “power and chaos” in the world looks to bear fruit because with the collapse of the Technos, doesn’t this mean the entire city and its electricity, water and food supplies, security systems, organization, structure, would also all collapse? From order to disorder – from peace to war, from stability to chaos?

Or could it be something else? That EBONY was hallucinating due to the huge pressures and trauma she had endured in her life so far. Is she in for even greater trauma than anyone expected?

Life is full of surprises, partings, and arrivals. Who can predict the future accurately? Maybe the Mall Rats, the Technos, the Eco-Tribe, Ebony, Zoot – all will find some unexpected surprises in store?

There are many characters that inhabit the world of the Tribe, after all. Could it be that destiny is calling someone – and that it is time for a new character to play a part in the affairs (political as well as romantic) of Tribeworld?

Or might we see the return of some faces from the past who seem to have disappeared due to vanishing into a virtual world (VED, CHLOE) or being prisoners in the real world (ELLIE, ALICE, BRAY).

Don’t rule out the Chosen either. They spent a great amount of effort and time in their efforts to bring back Zoot and establish “power and chaos”. Maybe they never went away after all – perhaps they transformed themselves into the Technos? Or are they about to come back under the Guardian, Lieutenant Luke – or a new leader?

There’s only one way to be sure, to know the truth and find out what will happen. It is to watch the first episode of Series 5 of The Tribe in early 2003.

In the meantime, keep up with the latest news, information, photos and gossip here on the official home of the Tribe – Tribeworld. In our News section, Location Report and others, we’ll provide the most up to date and exclusive information on Series 5 developments.

The clock has started. The journey has begun. A new day is dawning.

Get ready world.

Tribe 5 is coming soon…