Tribe 5 Episode 1

In the hotel, the Mall Rats are triumphant following their victory over the Technos. MEGA explains how he fooled RAM and how RAM, instead of being in Paradise, is cast away in a rubbish tip.

PRIDE and AMBER stand over a city in ruins, with two paradise dependants slumped in a doorway. They head back to the Mall where AMBER is reunited with LITTLE BRAY.

EBONY is terrified in another part of the hotel as the image of ZOOT continues to speak to her.

In the lobby of the hotel, the Technos are being rounded up. LEX and MAY are unforgiving. JAVA pleads her innocence to LEX but the cries fall on deaf ears and she is imprisoned in solitary confinement. EBONY enters the lobby, spooked by her meeting with ZOOT. Her entrance unwittingly presents a diversion and the two techno guards, WIZARD and STATS are able to escape.

JAY attempts to comfort a troubled and scared EBONY but she is reluctant to tell him of her ‘Zoot’ experience.

RAM lies unconscious at the rubbish tip, as scavengers loiter. Later on, SLADE, a mysterious cowboy-like stranger on a motorbike, rescues RAM and speeds off with him on his bike.

SAMMY has one last hit on his Paradise headset before the power starts to fail. He is disinterested when MOUSE tells him of the Mall Rats’ victory.

MEGA visits JAVA and the two scheme, MEGA saying that it is time for Phase 2 of their plan. It is revealed that MEGA is behind EBONY’s mysterious ZOOT encounters.

Back at the Mall, the Mall Rats congregate in the new café. They discover that PATCH, DEE TAISAN and SALENE are all missing. Against the wishes of AMBER, PRIDE and LEX prepare to go searching for the missing Mall Rats.

SIVA is jealous of LEX’s desire to find TAISAN and questions him as to where his loyalties lie. Meanwhile, LEX visits JAVA and grills her as to TAISAN’s whereabouts.

Out in the city, STATS and WIZARD take SALENE prisoner. They then confront MAY in the Casino, take her to see SALENE, and use MAY as a ‘go between’ to name their demands. They demand RAM’s release in return for their hostage.

The Mall Rats have a late night drink which is dogged by anxiety over the whereabouts of DEE, PATCH and SALENE. Suddenly the power fails and EBONY reacts with terror saying “This is the beginning.” In private, a terrified EBONY informs TRUDY that ZOOT has returned.

The power cut is city wide. MEGA tries to reinstate the power at the Control room but his endeavours are thwarted by a virus featuring RAM saying “You didn’t say the password.”

Late at night, MAY returns to the Mall and informs PRIDE that the SALENE has been taken hostage.

The city is in the midst of a power cut, caused by RAM’s virus in the system.

TRUDY has a nightmare in which she sees ZOOT. Amber comforts her.

There are a number of mysterious sightings of ZOOT by city children.

SLADE, with the unconscious RAM in tow, rides his motorbike into the city of Liberty. SLADE enters the saloon run by RUBY and asks for accommodation. RUBY is reluctant to take in the unconscious RAM as he is a paradise user. She eventually agrees due to his dire condition.

JAY continues to quiz EBONY as to her unusual behaviour but she remains cagey.

SAMMY is out of control, suffering withdrawal from Paradise as a result of the power failure. He is dismissive of attempts to help by MOUSE and MAY.

MEGA talks to JAVA in her ‘cell.’ The two scheme and plot, with MEGA being quite concerned about RAM’s disappearance and their unsuccessful efforts to find him.

The Mall Rats have discovered a farewell note from DEE and PATCH. In the café they have a meeting. They discuss possible solutions to the SALENE hostage drama. MEGA explains his so far unsuccessful efforts to restore the power and the fact that RAM is missing.

LEX is searching for TAISAN and fights off a gang of paradise withdrawn thugs. SIVA finds him. Tiring of SIVA’s accusations , questioning his motives for searching for TAISAN, LEX tells SIVA to go home.

PRIDE grills MAY as to SALENE’s whereabouts. She is unable to help him as she was blindfolded when taken there by STATS and WIZARD.

TRUDY informs AMBER about EBONY’s sightings of ZOOT. AMBER is suspicious of EBONY’s motives.

Meanwhile in Liberty, RAM slowly recovers consciousness in his Saloon room under the care of SLADE. SLADE is confronted outside the room by some pool cue bearing thugs. He is fights them off with a little help from RUBY.

Back at the Mall, there is a crisis meeting. They decide that some Technos need to be freed in order to ensure security against a rioting, Paradise deprived populace.

Afterwards out on the troubled rioting streets, EBONY comes upon JAY and AMBER, seemingly intimate. AMBER has told JAY about EBONY’s visits from ZOOT. EBONY is furious.

MEGA continues to try and combat the virus. LEX tries to sneak into the hotel, in search of TAISAN. MEGA appears understanding about LEX’s situation and then, once alone, proceeds to delete TAISAN on his computer.