Tribe 5 Episode 2

The city streets are deserted and dishevelled, the result of the overthrow of the Technos and the ensuing riots. ZOOT’s police car, with the windows blacked out, screams through the city streets. Zoot related graffitti starts appearing throughout the city.

AMBER nurses BABY BRAY and vows to find his father.

In Liberty, RAM regains consciousness and accuses SLADE of taking him into a virtual world. SLADE soon puts him in his place and tells him to rest up. SLADE chats with saloon proprietor RUBY and the two share a crossword puzzle.

AMBER asks JAY if he will help look for BRAY. JAY agrees. They persuade MEGA to let them search for BRAY on the computer. JAY finds records of BRAY but he is deleted. AMBER is subsequently heartbroken and lays blame at JAY for his involvement with the Technos.

SIVA continues to give LEX a hard time about his preoccupation with TAISAN. An argument ensues. Later, SIVA visits EBONY in order to have a sisterly chat, SIVA complaining about LEX’s pursuit of TAISAN. SIVA notices that EBONY is not herself.

TRUDY conveys optimistism about the Salene hostage situation, attempting to allay the fears of both MAY and MOUSE. She also tries to support SAMMY in his state of Paradise withdrawal.

JAVA and MEGA continue to plot in JAVA’s ‘cell.’

In Liberty, SLADE thinks about deserting RAM. RAM gets half way down the road before deciding to turn back and keep nursing the ex- Techno leader.

Some thugs question LEX as to the ZOOT mystery and are unsatisfied with his vague response. They have picked the wrong day to mess with LEX, however, as he turns and physically forces them into submission.

AMBER continues to mourn BRAY and is dismissive of JAY’s pleas of innocence and his attempts at reconciliation.

JAY complains to MEGA about being ‘sent to Coventry’ by Amber. Then MAY accuses MEGA of kidnapping SALENE in order to recover RAM.

JAY thinks that everybody is out to get him and gets some sympathy from TRUDY.

Back in Liberty, RAM reacts angrily to SLADE’s attempts to feed him. RAM is hopeful that a device on his person will enable STATS and WIZARD to locate him. His hopes are short lived as SLADE finds the device and smashes it.

JACK makes his way through the city. He thinks he sees ELLIE but he is mistaken.

AMBER confides to TRUDY that BRAY is dead. That evening in bed, TRUDY hears a mob of kids chanting “Zoot lives” and she is terrified.

Various members of the mall rats awake to chants of “Zoot lives” from a mob outside.

JAY brings EBONY breakfast but she is still reluctant to talk about her experiences. She complains that JAY would rather spend his time with others instead of her.

JACK comes across a rowdy mob chanting “Zoot lives.” He is pelted with stones and chased. He clambers into a skip full of junk, where he comes across GEL, scared and also in hiding. He persuades her to come back to the Mall with him.

Under the supervision of MEGA, LEX is in the control room trying to find information about TAISAN. SIVA arrives and helps him into the right programme but she can find no trace of TAISAN. LEX accuses her of not looking properly out of jealousy and arguments start again.

In Liberty, RAM tries to escape by crawling to SLADE’s motorbike. Again he is caught by SLADE at the last hurdle, as he prepares to climb onto the bike.

Meanwhile, JACK and GEL are on the run from the mob. GEL is attracted by a make up case on the bonnet of a abandoned car. It is all to much for her to resist, and on approach to the case she is pounced on by two thugs. JACK joins in the fray but is knocked to the ground. GEL is taken off by the thugs and JACK has little choice but to follow.

A captive in a cell, SALENE tries to make WIZARD let her go but he is having none of it.

MEGA announces to the Mall Rats that he has cracked the code and that power is technically able to be reactivated. MOUSE objects to the power coming back on because of it fuelling Paradise users addictions. The group votes to recover all Paradise helmets before the power is resumed. LEX objects and storms off.

MAY, pining for PRIDE, goes off to look for him.

EBONY, still in a bad state, asks JAY to take her away from all this mess. JAY apologises but says he can not. Ebony sees a further vision of ZOOT.

GEL is held captive by the thugs. JACK rescues her. She decides not to go with him to the city because of the apparent dangers threatened by ZOOT. JACK feels obliged to follow her.

SIVA visits JAVA in her ‘cell’ and wants to make up. They seem to put the past behind them.

JAY is in despair. He confides in TRUDY, saying he has discovered that VED has been deleted.

JAVA tells MEGA of her partial success in recruiting SIVA.

JAVA feigns depression and meets with EBONY. JAVA makes out that JAY has always had eyes for AMBER. EBONY sees ZOOT in the room and declares that she will spread Zoot’s message to the world.