Tribe 5 Episode 3

In the Mall, MOUSE discovers SAMMY having a nightmare, ZOOT was after him. MOUSE goes to MAY for help, but discovers her room empty.

Awaking from a rough night’s sleep, MAY continues her desperate search for PRIDE.

In Liberty, RAM stresses the importance of a sterile environment – he could die! SLADE begins to see why someone dumped him on the garbage tip.

Meanwhile, STATS tells WIZARD of RAM’s disappearance. If only RAM had used his homing beacon. With the Mallrats unable to find their ransom, SALENE is quickly becoming a liability.

In JAVA’s cell, MEGA’s lost his cool. His efforts to find RAM are still proving ineffective. JAVA suggests that RAM is likely dead, but MEGA isn’t convinced. If RAM were in fact alive, MEGA would be in grave danger of reprisals.

JAY attempts to break the ice with AMBER. But talk of ZOOT only resurfaces bad memories – ‘ZOOT was BRAY’s brother, he loved him, despite everything.’ JAY is reminded of the death of his own brother, VED. The sooner the headsets are collected the better, but it’s JAY’s mess not AMBER’s. EBONY approaches, misinterpreting what she sees. JAY pleads it was a harmless conversation, but EBONY’s mind is already made up.

JACK and GEL awake innocently on the backseat of an abandoned car. The safest place for them is the Mall, but Gel has no intention of returning to the ZOOT-ridden city and wanders off. JACK sees no alternative but follow after her.

Back at the Mall, LEX isn’t giving up on TAI-SAN, much to SIVA’s frustration. JAY suggests that LEX helps collect the headsets to take his mind off it.

JAY and TRUDY retreat to a secluded area of the Mall. Unless AMBER forgives him for BRAY’s demise, JAY doesn’t think he’ll be able to live with himself. TRUDY assures him she’ll speak to AMBER. True to her word, she does and fills AMBER in on VED’s death.

Miles away in Liberty, RAM introduces himself to SLADE giving a false name – GABE! SLADE wants to know about MEGA. RAM swears revenge and offers SLADE a profitable proposal. SLADE wants no part of it.

After entering Liberty JACK and GEL take temporary refuge in an abandoned barn. GEL takes the opportunity to fill JACK in on her own tribe, the Modes, much to JACK’s frustration.

In the hotel, the EX-TECHNOS dump the headset they’ve managed to retrieve. JAY isn’t impressed and neither is LEX.

MEGA intercepts LEX who demands answers concerning TAI-SAN. ‘RAM favoured her strongly’. If LEX really wants to find TAI-SAN he needs to find RAM.

SALENE attempts to escape her captors, WIZARD and STATS, but instead only worsens matters.

In a secluded area, AMBER and TRUDY say their final farewell to BRAY.

EBONY pays JAVA a visit. She confides in her older sister, regarding her visions of ZOOT. Is she crazy? JAVA convinces her that she too can see him!

In Liberty, SLADE offers RAM a rustic wheelchair with a challenge to use it. RAM is furious. Later, downstairs, RUBY has doubts whether SLADE’s idea will work.

Close by, JACK and GEL awake in the barn to the chatter of approaching THUGS. JACK and GEL cower deep into a pile of straw hoping they’ll go unnoticed. When the coast is clear, JACK ventures out in search of food.

At the hotel, MEGA showers JAVA with praise. She’s made EBONY believe that she too can see ZOOT.

Guilt stricken, JAY is deep in thought about his deceased brother, VED. TRUDY does her best to convince JAY that it wasn’t his fault and that he is still a decent and honourable man. AMBER announces that the tribal leaders demand the power be switched back on and that many of the virtual headsets are still uncollected. Switching the power on would unleash paradise and the city could be lost forever. With no alternative, AMBER and JAY plan a meeting with tribal leaders.

SIVA, feeling hurt and cheated by LEX, visits EBONY for support. EBONY assures her that soon JAVA, EBONY and her will rule the city and she can have any man she wants. SIVA has an idea where LEX might be hiding out – The Love Shack!

LEX, in hope of finding TAI-SAN, starts his own investigation into RAM’s whereabouts. Starting at the rubbish tip, LEX questions a local scavenger, RIDDLER, but to LEX’s frustration he will only reply if LEX can correctly answer his riddles.

JAY attempts one last time, to patch things up with EBONY. Her constant paranoia that JAY is cheating on her with AMBER pushes them both to the end of the line – its over!

Back at the barn, JACK has returned with food. Upon discovering GEL’s assortment of beauty appliances, JACK decides he’d rather travel on horseback. He sets off again to trade GEL’s hairdryer for a horse. With no one around to trade, JACK helps himself to a horse and is caught red-handed.

SIVA breaks her way into LEX’s Love Shack. To her surprise there is no sign of TAI-SAN or LEX, just a large pile of virtual headsets. JAVA offers no sympathy, but suggests that EBONY, SIVA and herself should stick together – sisters reunited.

AMBER, JAY and MEGA are having a heated discussion concerning the upcoming tribal meetin g. Honest AMBER wants to disclose that the power is ready to be reactivated, but she’s unanimously outvoted.

To MOUSES’ delight MAY returns to the mall, without having found PRIDE. There’s still no sign of SALENE. MAY advises MOUSE to prepare for the worst – ‘If Pride can’t find her, no one can.

Meanwhile, at the rubbish tip, the RIDDLER’s puzzles are quickly becoming. LEX resorts to using his brawn to get some answers. He threatens to burn the SCAVENGER’s beloved collection of junk if his questions remain unanswered.

With the tribal meeting in full swing, AMBER pleads in vein for cooperation from the TRIBAL LEADERS. But somehow they know the Mall Rats are stalling turning the power on – ‘Either the power goes on now, or its war!’ AMBER and JAY suspect a spy and confront EBONY.

After returning to the Mall, AMBER breaks down. She’s afraid and deeply troubled. JAY offers comfort and, in a moment of weakness, they kiss. AMBER pulls away exclaiming she could never be with JAY. The memory of BRAY would always drive them apart.

Not far away, in his hotel room, RAM sits in the wheelchair provided by SLADE. He’s decided to live – RAM’s back with a vengeance!