Tribe 5 Episode 4

Having extorted answers from the SCAVENGERS, LEX’s search for TAI-SAN leads him to Liberty. He arrives just in time to save GEL from a band of THUGS. However it is LEX who needs rescuing after the THUGS get the upper hand – SLADE to the rescue. GEL is delighted with the fact she has two knights in shiny armour. She explains about JACK and is convinced he did a runner. SLADE, meanwhile, ponders why sheriff LEX is so far from his beat.

At the Mall, JAY broods over his kiss with AMBER. MEGA voices his opinion. He doesn’t want JAY’s personal life interfering with business. MAY makes her presence known, blaming the Technos for PRIDE’s disappearance. MEGA assures her it’s not his responsibility.

Alone in the city, PRIDE continues his relentless search for SALENE.

Meanwhile, in SALENE’s cell, WIZARD offers SALENE breakfast and a harsh warning. RAM has vanished which is bad news for WIZARD and STATS, but even worse news for SALENE.

Having walked to the hotel, JAY and MEGA discuss the missing Mall Rats. MEGA makes it clear that he has priorities and missing persons isn’t one of them. Having wasted enough time, MEGA resumes his work  ŒThe power will be back on today.

EBONY visits JAVA in her cell. JAVA lies, saying that she’s seen ZOOT again. This time he had a message, for her and EBONY to work together. SIVA visits not long after. Without LEX she no longer feels welcome among the Mall Rats. JAVA assures her that she’ll never feel alone again. But it’s a shame JAVA’s cooped up in her cell.

Morose, JAY confides in TRUDY about his recent rejection by AMBER. TRUDY offers to cook JAY dinner and help take his mind off things.

After rescuing JACK (the captured horse thief) from a band of THUGS, LEX and SLADE retreat to the saloon. Suspecting LEX is hiding something, SLADE asks what brought LEX to Liberty. LEX explains that he’s looking for a Œfreak in a wheel chair’ and that there’s a hefty price on his head’. But for LEX it isn’t the rewardŠ its personal.

Upstairs, RAM reads over a list of names – a hit list. MEGA’s the first name to be crossed out. SLADE enters alone, demanding to know the truth about GABE/RAM and his unspoken talents. It’s time RAM did something for SLADE.

SALENE, alone in her cell, is surprised when a solitary light flashes to life. The power is back on. SALENE has a brainwave.

MAY still in search of her beloved PRIDE tries her luck at the casino. To her surprise STATS and WIZARD make an appearance. She cunningly deceives them that the Mall Rats refuse to negotiate and that their best bet is eliminate SALENE. From a vantage point PRIDE overhears everything. With rage driving him he attacks SALENE’s captors. WIZARD responds by firing his zapper and mortally wounding PRIDE. STATS and WIZARD flee, leaving MAY and PRIDE alone. In a dying wish PRIDE’s begs of MAY to tell SALENE that he loves her.

Meanwhile, JAY and TRUDY’s candle-lit dinner is underway, without a hitch. JAY makes a toast ­ ŒTo Friendship’ and it’s clear to TRUDY that that’s all he wants.

Having knocked out the GUARD, EBONY and SIVA release JAVA. The three sisters are reunited, jubilant and dangerous!

At dawn, WIZARD is ready to get rid of SALENE. STATS argues with him and tells him that he wants no part. As WIZARD begins to drag SALENE away to her fate, he is given a massive electric shock whilst opening the door and is rendered unconscious. The trap had been set up by SALENE once the power had been reactivated. SALENE escapes.

EBONY decides on the old school as the new headquarters because of it’s connections with Zoot. After clearing some urchins out of the classrooms, JAVA and EBONY go about trying to convince SIVA as to the strengths of the school as a base.

TRUDY, in a state of euphoria after her dinner with JAY the previous night, makes breakfast for MOUSE and SAMMY. LEX enters with JACK and GEL The Mall Rats are delighted to see JACK. LEX takes credit for his return. GEL is delighted to be accepted by the famous Mall Rats.

MEGA interrupts the homecoming with the bad news that JAVA has escaped from her ‘cell.’ They deduce that the three sisters are in cahoots. Good news again though when SALENE arrives back – time for a party.

EBONY sees ZOOT in the classroom and tells the sisters of her plan to marry ZOOT at the school, with SIVA acting as bridesmaid.

MEGA suggests that AMBER fronts a broadcast, notifying the city of the falseness of the ZOOT rumours.

JAY and TRUDY thank each other for the night before. Some intimate feelings are definitely brewing. TRUDY checks out the lie of the land between JAY and AMBER. AMBER tells TRUDY that the AMBER-JAY thing will never happen.

Conveniently for MEGA, all of the surveillance cameras have been trashed so MEGA tells JAY that the movements of the three sisters cannot be monitored.

JAY informs JACK about the missing RAM and warns him of the danger if RAM is still alive. Meanwhile, in Liberty, RAM continues to cross off names on his ‘hit list.

LEX suspects that SLADE was hiding something from him. LEX tells JAY that he is about to go back to Liberty to investigate. JAY is reluctant to go out there on just LEX’s hunch and so LEX decides to go it alone.

As the wedding of EBONY and ZOOT approaches, SIVA is concerned for EBONY’s state of mind and is wary of JAVA’s attempts to manipulate EBONY for her own gain.

AMBER’s citynet broadcast is imminent and in the mall, the party is about to begin. MAY interrupts the revelry with news of PRIDE’s demise. SALENE is heartbroken.

The broadcast, designed to persuade the city that ZOOT is dead, is interrupted by footage of the man himself.

EBONY and the imaginary ZOOT finalise their wedding vows in a private ceremony at the school. JAVA is triumphant.