Tribe 4 Preview Episode 1

Well there’s not long at all now until “T-Day” and the worldwide launch of Tribe Series 4 in the UK on Channel 5 – January 5th at 12pm.We know there is great anticipation and interest in the series around the world – and here is an exclusive preview looking at what happens in episode one of the latest Tribe series… If you don’t want to know what happens, don’t read on! If you’d like a preview glimpse then read on…

Series 3 ends with The Guardian and his followers leaving on a boat for a mysterious destination. Luke is going with them it seems, to rejoin his Chosen past – but is it also a sign of his future? Where is the Guardian going? Does his disappearance have anything to do with the arrival of the “true bringers of power and chaos”? Will the Chosen return in new numbers – more powerful than ever? Or are they a spent force who are a sign of the past, a small group that is simply overshadowed by the new people in the city…

Who are the Technos? They have amazing power – arriving in the city by plane (!) from where? Are they adults? That is the rumour going around the startled city. If not adults – then who are they? More importantly, what do the Technos want? They possess obvious technological power and skills.

Their charismatic leader, RAM, is a major personality who is shrouded in secrecy, mystery, and kept at a distance from the city peoples. Is he a visionary who is determined to rebuild the city to help everyone’s welfare? Or is he building a New World order – an empire of his own for himself. Or could it be something else – virtually a world nobody has ever believed possible or seen before?

Who is JAY? Rumours are that he is RAM’s general – a skilled tactician and strategist who brings to fruition RAM’s visions. Is there more to JAY than this? Yes – a lot more…

And VED? JAY’s younger brother is a prodigy. His IQ is off the scale – but so is his tendency to get into trouble…
They thought it was all over with the defeat and apparent exile of the Guardian and the Chosen. Surely now they would have a chance to lead the Tribes in building a peaceful, democratic and unified world.

Or so they thought. The arrival of the Technos changes the Mall Rats forever it seems. For all of them, life will never be the same again – for some more than others.

Does Amber survive her pregnancy? Does the baby survive? What will be its fate and future?
Do Bray and Amber stay together? Or does a figure from Amber’s past resurface and rekindle once dormant affections within her?

What of Ebony? The ex-Queen of the Locos seems to be lording it over the city as leader following her banishing of Bray and Amber. How does she handle the arrival of the Technos? Make peace – or make war?

And Ellie? She was caught in a love triangle with Luke and Jack. Is the triangle broken now? Or are her troubles only just beginning…

Pride was effectively 2nd in command of the Eco Tribe. If Amber has returned to the Mall Rats then is he now leader? What will he do? Help the city – or keep away in the countryside?

Does he still have feelings for Amber? Won’t he always have feelings for Amber?

Or does he now have a new love – and a new fate in store in the city?

Life is never predictable – that’s the only predictable thing about it. Could it be that there are some amazing surprises. Perhaps the re-appearance of one – or more – major characters from the world of Tribes past. Characters who will have a big impact on the future of the city – and Tribeworld?

There’s only one way to find out what happens. Stay tuned for episode 1 and the start of Tribe 4. It’s a new series and a new age for Tribeworld. Will the dream stay alive?