Tribe Series 4 and THE FUTURE…?

So what happens next? What is the future? What is in store for everyone in the Tribe after Series 3?

You’ve seen the end of Tribe Series 3 – and what a cliffhanger! But where do things go from here for all concerned…?

The true bringers of power and chaos…?

Who are they? And where did they get a plane and parachutes from – as well as walkie talkie type gear? Are they good or bad? What is the purpose of their operation in the city?

But an ever bigger question – are they really adults? They look like them and sound like them – so is it true the virus did not really get rid of all the adults?

There are more questions than answers at this stage. If they are adults, then are they an adult Tribe? Or are they from the government, perhaps survivors who were kept away from the virus in a secure compound?

Are they going to help the city? Or take over the city?

Amber and her baby

Oh oh! Is Amber okay? Her labor seems to have begun when the pregnancy has not yet run its full term – perhaps all the stress and pressure of her life had gotten to her and the baby?

Will Amber survive?

Will the baby survive?

And if they survive, what is going to happen to them both? Will they stay with Bray in exile from the city – or return to the city?

The Chosen and the city

Are the Chosen defeated and history – or are they the future? We know Big G escaped from the Mall Rats with the help of some devoted followers, and he plans to bring back the Chosen. It seems the worship of Zoot is far from over… or is it?

Will the Chosen be a force to reckon with again – or does lightning not strike twice?


What about Bray? He seems to be okay but the last we saw, he looked out of the window in the barn and saw the plane passing overhead and the parachutes about to drop to the ground.

Will Bray be okay? Can he help Amber and the baby survive? Can Bray survive himself? What will happen…?


Well she appears to have done it again – managed to trick everybody and get in her favourite position – that of power.

Ebony is boss of the city and seems to be ruling with an iron fist, slapping down all who oppose her or get in her way.

But is that the right way to rule? Doesn’t that breed resentment and opposition?

Can Ebony stay on her golden pedestal or might some unexpected visitors topple her from power – will she find herself Queen of the city or a Mall Rat again?

And doesn’t she still love Bray?

Luke, Ellie and Jack

In relationships, a triangle is never a good shape – a love triangle can cause a lot of hurt and confusion as Luke, Ellie and Jack have all found out!

Is Luke going to rejoin the Chosen? Or is he going to stay free and independent of his former head honcho, the Guardian?

And will Luke stay single? Or is Ellie the one for him?

But isn’t Jack the one for Ellie? Jack was certainly cut up about their break up – will he get back with Ellie?

What about Ellie herself? What is she after?

The Mall Rats

And the other Mall Rats? Alice is depressed after the death of her love, Ned…

Pride is upset about Amber being with Bray – does he really love MAY or isn’t his first love always and forever Amber? And is Amber’s baby really Bray’s or is it Pride’s?

Will Lex and Tai-San find true love or just attraction and the occasional argument with each other? Are they really the right couple – or an odd couple?

Will Salene find Ryan and true love? Will Ryan want to get back with Salene? Will she be after Bray? Will they come back to the city and rejoin the Mall Rats?

Will May stay with Pride or find his love is not the same as her’s for him? Might she be attracted to Lex (they were a couple before)…?

There is so much to think about – so many endings and so many possible new beginnings.

All will become clear and truthful with Tribe Series 4 – all we can do (in the words of a certain song) is “LOOK INTO THE FUTURE – WHAT DO YOU SEE?”

Photo courtesy of Air Force News. Photo taken by F/S Paul Stein.