Tribe Series 3 Episode 51 and 52

ALICE vows to avenge NED’s death.

EBONY demands more money from LUKE. Running a city costs you know.

LEX is in charge of the GUARDIAN ambush. TAI-SAN is bait!

EBONY convinces LUKE-the-useful to become LUKE-the-powerful. LUKE is deeply saddened by the knowledge that he and EBONY are two of a kind.

PRIDE confides in AMBER.

ELLIE has a great story about positive people. It’s a winner. And she’s all excited about LUKE’s special role in the New World economy. LUKE is quietly pessimistic.

EBONY informs MOZ of the planned ambush to capture the GUARDIAN alive, but she wants him dead. It’s a job for MOZ’s pal, DUFF.

The GUARDIAN arrives late for the ambush. DUFF nearly does him in. But BRAY saves the GUARDIAN – just in time.

LUKE asks JACK to deliver ELLIE a note  he’s leaving tomorrow. JACK is angry. How could LUKE do this to ELLIE?!

After his chat with AMBER, PRIDE is on a mission to find MAY.

CLOE catches up on all the news from TRUDY.

KC collects at the Casino. And PRIDE finds MAY.

PRIDE tells MAY he loves her. Twice. MAY is happy. Ooops PRIDE could’ve given her the wrong signals again.

The Mall Rats have captured the GUARDIAN’s body but his mind is still free. EBONY tries to blame him for all the bad stuff that’s happened lately. EBONY wants him executed without trial. AMBER and BRAY are appalled at this violation of basic human rights. The GUARDIAN tells them the truth about EBONY’s evil scheming Š but will they believe him?

JACK gives ELLIE the note from LUKE. EBONY convinces her that a girl needs her sister at a time like this. And while she’s there ELLIE might want to tell ALICE that the GUARDIAN has confessed to the killing of NED.

ALICE prepares to even her score with the GUARDIAN.

JACK leaves the Mall again.

AMBER, BRAY, TRUDY and TAI-SAN have a secret meeting about EBONY. They decide to investigate the GUARDIAN’s shocking allegations.

AMBER has a twinge.. or two.

JACK (and LUKE) see ALICE on the war path.

The GUARDIAN has a prophecy about the True Bringers of Power and Chaos.

JACK visits the farm to say goodbye to ELLIE. She’s upset.

BRAY tells EBONY about their decision to conduct a Commission of Enquiry. It will help clear her good name.

ELLIE pours her heart out to JACK. He tells ELLIE about seeing ALICE.

KC realises that CLOE has matured.

Doubt leads to suspicion. Leads to paranoia. Leads to war. EBONY agrees to co-operate.

ALICE returns to the Mall on the war path, searching for revenge.

BRAY realises too late that their Great City Leader has a sinister agenda. The People side with EBONY. She banishes BRAY and AMBER from the safe haven of the Mall forever!

And will the GUARDIAN’s prophecy of the true bringers of chaos come true…?