Tribe Series 3 Episode 49 and 50

JACK fishes. He hears a scream and rescues CLOE.

AMBER has nightmares. BRAY feels responsible but AMBER doesn’t blame him for sticking to her principles.

EBONY returns to the Hotel, mistress of all she surveys.

PRIDE is aloof with MAY.

There’s a mystery figure lurking outside the Mall.

CLOE tells JACK all about the grim mines. JACK tells CLOE all about his grim batchelorhood.

EBONY’s first priority is to locate the GUARDIAN. Sheriff LEX and Deputy PRIDE are on the case.

ALICE hasn’t yet come to terms with NED’s death. ELLIE’s worried.

KC takes tours through the room where AMBER and TRUDY were held. LEX and PRIDE turn up and fine KC’s group for illegal gathering.

EBONY asks LUKE (the money man) for more ems. But too much money in circulation could have damaging inflationary effects. LUKE reluctantly obliges.

ANDY blames TAI-SAN for his brother’s death. TAI-SAN admits she was fooled. TRUDY’s grateful to EBONY for her lucky escape. But TAI-SAN and AMBER ponder EBONY’s reformed character.

BRAY meets with EBONY. He’s a bit concerned by her unilateral decisions. She convinces him to go home and look after AMBER. BRAY believes AMBER is just being paranoid about EBONY. AMBER can’t believe BRAY is so gullible.

PRIDE needs some space from MAY.

CLOE gives JACK a pep-talk.

LEX is corrupt! He shares the spoils with his fellow scammer, KC. The longer the GUARDIAN’s on the loose the better for business.

TAI-SAN’s being watched. It’s the GUARDIAN and he’s been waiting for herœ PRIDE needs some space from MAY.

TAI-SAN makes excuses to leave, but the GUARDIAN has been waiting for such a long time œ

AMBER’s pleased for MAY. She tells PRIDE to be careful with herœ MAY mightn’t be as tough as she seems. PRIDE is uneasy.

The GUARDIAN tells TAI-SAN she’s the true Supreme Mother.

TRUDY notices MAY is sad. Is everything okay with her and PRIDE? Not really.

ALICE vows to hunt down the GUARDIAN and avenge NED’s death.

JACK escorts CLOE back to the Mall, but he refuses go inside. Too late. He’s spotted. AMBER convinces him the way is clear.

TAI-SAN reports her GUARDIAN sighting.

KC gives CLOE special attention. Everybody needs somebody. JACK can’t hack it, and TRUDY can’t believe they’ve been so insensitive. MAY can’t believe it either.

ANDY and TALLY try to sell KC’s necklace. LEX and PRIDE bust them. But who’s gonna bust Sheriff LEX for his dirty dealings?

EBONY has a job for MOZ – she wants someone wasted.

MAY tries to make PRIDE jealous, but is overcome by her own jealousy of AMBER. She gives PRIDE the flick.

ELLIE returns.. and sees JACK!? It’s unsettling for; for her and LUKE.

The Mall Rats plan to ambush the GUARDIAN. But TAI-SAN is not proud of betraying the GUARDIAN’s trust. LEX tries to cheer her up but the crystal’s got bad karma.

JACK stays. Just for one night. He can’t sleep. Neither can ELLIE.

EBONY needs more money from LUKE. She gives him an ultimatum. He can be her right-hand man, or take his chances on the streets.