Tribe Series 3 Episode 47 and 48

It’s payday for NED. EBONY’s arranged everything. All NED has to do is hand the GUARDIAN over to MOZ then he gets all the farm machinery he’s been promised. Unknowing ALICE is ecstatic.

EBONY rallies everyone for the election campaign, but PRIDE believes they should be searching for AMBER and TRUDY instead. EBONY appeases him – the election is important, and AMBER would agree, but she offers to help him with the search too.

NED kidnaps the GUARDIAN for a one way trip to MOZ’s.

KC returns a purchase, but the TRADER doesn’t do cash refunds. Watch out, KC.

ALICE and MAY exchange secrets.

The GUARDIAN springs a nasty surprise. NED’s in grave danger.

BRAY delivers his election speech. Things look very promising… until he receives troubling news about an escaped prisoner.

PRIDE wonders if NED’s involved. ALICE is defensive.

The GUARDIAN’s disappearance is an election scandal. BRAY feels compelled to do the right thing and warn everyone there’s an insane criminal on the loose. He tells ELLIE to publish the news – his election chances are over.

LUKE has an inspired idea to stop MOZ from winning the election. EBONY could stand in BRAY’s place… The Tribe convince her – she’ll do it for BRAY’s sake.

Meanwhile the captives wonder why NED’s taking such a long time to bring them food, and why BRAY’s taking such a long time to rescue them. They try to keep the faith.

The GUARDIAN promises to set his kidnapper free – but only if NED tells of TRUDY’s whereabouts.

Election Day.

KC tries to sell the non-returnable necklace to one happy bunny… but ALICE won’t accept any gifts unless it’s farm machinery from NED.

Kick the MALL RATS, Kick EBONY. While on the campaign trail MOZ and her gang stumble across NED’s dead body.

AMBER and TRUDY are hungry. What’s taking their feeder so long?

MOZ and her gang return NED’s body to the MALL RATS. Sheriff LEX opens the murder inquiry.

ALICE is devastated to learn of NED’s death. ELLIE comforts her.

AMBER and TRUDY finally hear someone approaching, but it’s the maniacal GUARDIAN. He’s got unresolved issues with the Ex-Supreme Mother.

ANDY and TALLY are remarkably unsympathetic at the news of their big brother’s death. Typical NED; letting them down again.

EBONY arrives just in time to rescue AMBER and TRUDY from the evil GUARDIAN. They return to the Mall. EBONY’s a hero. ALICE can’t believe that NED was the kidnapper. How could he do that to her?

AMBER’s surprised that EBONY’s a candidate for City Leader. BRAY explains that EBONY’s been a tower of strength lately. AMBER’s not so sure.

The GUARDIAN’s still on the loose. Sheriff LEX is on the case.

ELLIE prints EBONY’s rescue story.

Voting begins. LEX is shameless.

The Amulet’s impartial but ELLIE’s a passionate MALL RAT supporter.

ALICE buries NED at the farm.

PRIDE approaches KC about purchasing the necklace for MAY – KC’s in a tight spot.

The Votes are in. AMBER’s got a nasty feeling it could be the beginning of the end.