Tribe Series 3 Episode 45 and 46

The Tribe are onto a money-maker. EBONY nominates Mall-bound LUKE for banker. But PRIDE doesn’t buy any of it – it’s the class system all over again.

LEX offers money to prospective deputies. They can’t eat metal.

NED’s being mysterious. ALICE hasn’t a clue.

PRIDE shares ECO-TRIBE philosophy with ELLIE. MAY gets the wrong idea.

ANDY refuses to feed the GUARDIAN. He’s a monster.

ELLIE writes a cover-story about re-inventing money. Are the Mall Rats being control freaks?

LEX notices a problem with the money concept; it’s only worth something if everyone agrees it’s worth something, and so far the people only have LEX’s word for it.

TAI-SAN offers to take over feeding the GUARDIAN again.

EBONY gets only half the story, and ELLIE gets away with it.

ANDY warns TAI-SAN not to turn her back on the GUARDIAN.

MOZ quotes from ELLIE’s article – “Welcome to the world of the Haves and Have nots”. EBONY’s furious, but ELLIE believes in presenting a balanced story about the evils of money.

MAY apologises to PRIDE. They share a passionate kiss.

MOZ complains that the Mall Rats aren’t democratic. To prove MOZ wrong EBONY suggests an election. Every tribe gets a candidate, every kid in the city gets a vote, for a Council Leader. EBONY nominates BRAY. She’s sounding more and more like AMBER… gee EBONY’s really changed, hasn’t she?

NED hassles EBONY about delivering on her promises.

TAI-SAN turns her back on the GUARDIAN…

EBONY fumes at stupid NED, and his stupid promises to get farm machinery for ALICE. NED gives EBONY an ultimatum, but EBONY is cool, calm and calculating…

While MAY helps PRIDE with his kidnapping investigation, the rest of the MALL RATS work on BRAY’s election campaign. LUKE reveals his vast talents; he learnt a lot from the CHOSEN.

EBONY suggests BRAY make up with PRIDE. BRAY’s puzzled by her transformation into model do-gooder.

Sheriff LEX wants cash for his new deputies, but Treasurer LUKE is reluctant to pay out for macho street-thugs. LEX explains his MOZZIE deputies don’t do macho. LEX annoys LUKE by being irresponsible with his new Ems.

BRAY and PRIDE are talking again. The investigation is slow going. PRIDE has a suspect, but it’s just a hunch.

ELLIE gets the wrong idea about LUKE and EBONY.

NED’s ready to squeal on EBONY but she promises he’ll get the farm machinery very soon.

ANDY tries to spend his ems. The TRADERS aren’t interested.

PRIDE asks MAY to keep their sleeping under wraps. Just while the investigation’s going on.

ANDY sulks. The MALL RATS never believe anything he says and he can’t even spend his emsŠ

EBONY tells LEX her leader days are over. Is she for real?

LUKE’s worried about ELLIE who’s stormed off. LUKE can’t go out after her – could LEX? Only if he’s paid overtime.

ELLIE interviews MOZ about the election. Things turn nasty…

ANDY gains a valuable lesson about trading, but loses his Ems. KC helps.

LEX turns up to save ELLIE, just in time.

Thoughtful EBONY convinces TAI-SAN to let her feed the GUARDIAN.

ELLIE and LUKE make up.

KC wonders if MAY has a boyfriend. MAY covers, and KC gets the wrong idea.

EBONY feeds a plan to the GUARDIAN. Watch out NED.