Tribe Series 3 Episode 43 and 44

BRAY hits rock-bottom – at the foot of a ravine.

ALICE wants the farm up and running again. NED’s surprisingly willing to help.

MAY looks a gift-horse in the mouth. But PRIDE reckons the beast is unrideable anyway.

KC confesses to having seen BRAY drunk at the Casino the previous day. The Mall Rats are concerned when they learn some MOZQUITOS were there too. Could their leader be in trouble?

PONY JOE and his fellow HORSE TRADERS, including the beautiful MOON, find BRAY as good as dead, but MOON insists on helping him.

The Mall Rats argue. MAY nominates PRIDE for leader but SALENE defends BRAY’s honour and voices her opposition. Without BRAY then the Mall Rats are finished! EBONY restores the peace with a plan to locate BRAY. LEX and PRIDE try the Casino for news of his whereabouts, while EBONY tries MOZ.

ALICE and NED survey the damage done to the Farmhouse during the Chosen occupation. ALICE is tearful, but NED promises everything will work out.

EBONY has a proposition for MOZ…

MOON tends to BRAY’s wounds. PONY JOE watches jealously.

LUKE feels ostracised from the others, and ELLIE is upset.

The biggest threat is that the city will collapse into lawlessness. EBONY suggests they appoint a city Sheriff. LEX’s first task is to convince the city he’s the right man for the job.

NED calls in EBONY’s promise. He wants something extra special for ALICE.

BRAY comes round and is MOON-struck.

SALENE bets KC she’ll ride APOLLO. KC can’t lose.

LEX asks PRIDE to be his deputy. PRIDE accepts.

LUKE tells ELLIE they have to make it work here, or nowhere.

EBONY delivers the goods. But NED’s impatient for more… he’ll only wait so long.

BRAY’s on the mend. MOON is intrigued by his mysterious ways.

NED and ALICE have fun in the haystack. NED gives her something special – she’s delighted, but where did he find it?

ELLIE asks EBONY to employ LUKE. He’s a capable guy, only no one trusts him. EBONY suggests ELLIE restart the ŒAmulet’ newspaper.

Sheriff LEX shocks the Tribe with his daring attire.

ELLIE invites LUKE to help her with the newspaper like JACK used to. LUKE declines – he’s not the newsy type.

BRAY wonders why MOON puts up with grumpy PONY JOE. PONY JOE gets grumpier. BRAY faints.

LEX is heckled while trying to recruit deputies. They want payment.

SALENE bonds with the horse.

PONY JOE recognises BRAY as leader of the Mall Rats – his secret’s safe with the HORSE TRADERS. They have some news about RYAN.

EBONY puts LUKE in charge of finances. His first job is to reinvent money.

SALENE rides APOLLO. KC is impressed.

MOON invites BRAY to start a new life together. BRAY considers it.

Where’s NED going with all that food? NED accuses PRIDE of ruining his surprise picnic for ALICE. Deputy PRIDE still doesn’t trust NED.

ANDY feeds the GUARDIAN – and EBONY realises he’s sane after all.

BRAY returns to the Mall .. and tells SALENE news of RYAN.

LUKE makes money. What a great front page story for the Amulet.

KC’s got big plans for APOLLO, but so has SALENE…