Tribe Series 3 Episode 41 and 42

ALICE offers to cook for NED.

EBONY replaces the ransom note with a note of her own.

ALICE sets off early to gather food for her special dish – and discovers the ransom note… Oh, no – very bad news.

PRIDE is angry with BRAY about yesterday’s failure to rescue AMBER and TRUDY. ELLIE and LUKE announce their togetherness to the rest of the Tribe. Poor JACK. ALICE shows BRAY and the others the note. They’ll never see AMBER and TRUDY again. The Tribe are shocked… especially NED.

BRAY tries to come to terms with the fact that AMBER and TRUDY aren’t coming back. EBONY offers her support – she doesn’t believe that note for a second. ALICE catches NED trying to sneak away – but he denies all sneaking and tells her he’s only going to inform the kids of the bad news…

ANDY tries to tell TALLY and KC about the GUARDIAN’s not so insane behaviour – but they still don’t believe him. It sounds like a tall story so he can claim an extra share of the profit.

ELLIE feels guilty about JACK. She goes to talk to him to help him get over his broken heart… but he’s left the Mall!

NED accuses the kids of writing the ransom note as a joke. ALICE wonders why NED is in such a very bad mood.

LUKE convinces ALICE to have a go at consoling the upset ELLIE.

PRIDE and BRAY go head to head – and BRAY storms off outside. SALENE’s concerned.

ALICE tries to help ELLIE. And they argue again.

EBONY has a business proposal for NED. Partners? She’ll be in charge…

BRAY wanders through a wasteland, and is eyed up by a gang of no-good LOOTERS with evil intent…

SALENE is worried about BRAY – he hasn’t slept in his bed. Oh no! BRAY is down and out. And he can’t take any more stick from those irritating LOOTERS either. He throws a chair and they sod off.

LEX reluctantly spoon-feeds the dribbly GUARDIAN. He’s only doing it for TAI-SAN.

EBONY and NED come to an arrangement.

ANDY tells LEX about stealing the GUARDIAN’s ring. LEX schemes, and ANDY squirms. LEX won’t report him.. if ANDY feeds the GUARDIAN. ANDY’s petrified.

The Tribe has no leader! SALENE has a go at PRIDE for having a go at BRAY. MAY has a go at SALENE.

NED’s really grumpy. ALICE wants to know what’s going on with him.

ELLIE apologises to her sister. LUKE and ELLIE have a lot to work through before everything’s hunky-dory again. And ALICE is forced to admit she’s got a few problems of her own with NED.

ANDY feeds the GUARDIAN who growls and it’s definitely not his tummy… The GUARDIAN is sane! But no one else believes a word.

PRIDE wants to know NED’s whereabouts at the time of the kidnap. EBONY comes to his rescue, and tries to put PRIDE off the scent.

ALICE asks a big favour of KC.

EBONY tells NED if he plays ball he could be very rich. And to prove it she will get him anything he wants.

BRAY is still down and out – and stumbles across… the Casino!

Being with LUKE’s no walk in the park for ELLIE. He can’t risk a lynching. She’ll just have to tell him all about it when she gets back.

The pressure has finally got to BRAY – and he’s telling everyone at the Casino all about it. Meanwhile KC’s there trying to trade the GUARDIAN’s ring.

NED’s happy again; he and ALICE celebrate with her cheer-up surprise.

KC finds a trade for the ring – and he can neigh get out of it either. BRAY’s booted out of the casino. MOZ finds him drunk, despondent… and completely lost.