Tribe Series 3 Episode 39 and 40

ALICE discovers another ransom note! The kidnapper can’t spell. NED thinks they should hand over the GUARDIAN and get AMBER and TRUDY back. There’s general agreement from all, except a quietly concerned BRAY…

ALICE is high with the excitement of NED, and ELLIE’s down about JACK. Maybe it’s just nerves. Is ALICE’s encouragement for her sister or herself?

Prisoners of the kidnapper(s), TRUDY and AMBER comfort each other.

Back at the Mall, BRAY watches their completely insane caged (for his own protection) guest; but how insane is the GUARDIAN when no one’s looking?

JACK tries to rekindle his romance with ELLIE. Will a candlelight dinner curb ELLIE’s nagging doubts?

LEX finds TAI-SAN in the woods collecting goodies for the GUARDIAN’s dinner. He’s annoyed, again. TAI-SAN persists, again. The GUARDIAN isn’t well. LEX finally caves in to TAI-SAN’s pleading… and agrees to see the GUARDIAN for himself.

KC and NED take a gamble. Will BRAY hand over the GUARDIAN, or not? NED thinks it’s a done deal – EBONY’s not so confident – BRAY is a stickler for his principles.

BRAY makes a decision. He’ll exchange the GUARDIAN for the hostages. Yayee. It’s a decision most of the Tribe agree with, though EBONY carefully points out it’s not a decision AMBER would agree with…

KC helps JACK supply the ambience for his candlelight dinner. He runs into MAY. No one’s ever given her a candlelight dinner before… or flowers. MAY feels very sorry for herself.

BRAY contemplates right and wrong. And AMBER. TAI-SAN and LEX visit their contemplative leader. TAI-SAN pleads with him to find another way to get the hostages back. They can’t hand the GUARDIAN over.

LEX surprises BRAY by backing TAI-SAN. JACK surprises ELLIE with the den of romance. KC surprises MAY with a plastic flower – she’s flattered. And ALICE surprises NED.

ELLIE is grateful for the meal and everything but decides to go home to her room… JACK is annoyed at her, then annoyed at himself…

ELLIE runs into LUKE and tells him she loves him… they kiss… and JACK sees them!

NED chews loudly. ALICE wants more consideration in the mornings. But it’s time to get up anyway – BRAY’s called a meeting.

Bookie KC’s still taking bets on the GUARDIAN hand-over. EBONY doubles her bet. BRAY has a sly plan; he’ll pretend to be the GUARDIAN – while LEX, NED, PRIDE and ALICE ambush the kidnappers. PRIDE’s not sure about the plan…

EBONY stays home and guards the real GUARDIAN.

JACK, all alone, feels sad about his broken heart.

KC, TALLY and ANDY need a special treasure to sell their old junk. What if they had the GUARDIAN’s ring? But he’s still wearing it!

Why is NED in such a foul mood?

ELLIE tells ALICE she’s with LUKE now. The sisters argue over their choice in boyfriends. ELLIE tells ALICE to stay out of her life.

EBONY claims her winnings – KC’s on laundry duty.

The kids throw the dice to decide who’ll steal the ring. And the winner is… ANDY.

The Ambush party leave. MAY gives PRIDE a kiss for luck…

ELLIE finds JACK and says sorry. JACK realises it’s no use – he’s lost her.

KC and TALLY distract EBONY while a petrified ANDY tries to steal the GUARDIAN’s ring… and gets a nasty surprise.

The ambush party wait, and wait. Until the MOZZIES make an appearance. BRAY gives the go ahead to ambush. The MOZZIES fume, and the MALL RATS realise they’ve made another mistake.

Neither KC nor TALLY believe ANDY’s story about the GUARDIAN.

LUKE’s sorry that he’s caused ELLIE so much pain – but ELLIE’s sure she made the right decision.

With a pack on his back, JACK leaves the Mall.

JACK visits DAL’s grave – and says goodbye.

EBONY investigates a strange noise, and spies the kidnapper posting the third ransom note…