Tribe Series 3 Episode 37 and 38

The MALL RATS are ready to celebrate at their celebration dinner. But what’s taking AMBER and TRUDY so long? They’re missing! There’ll be no celebrating until they’re found. The search begins.

ANDY and TALLY discover the untouched feast. Yummy!

A hungry KC finds ANDY and TALLY feasting on the celebration dinner. KC’s got a better idea… The twins are in.

ALICE is grabbed, but it’s only NED wanting a smooch. She’s way too busy.

It’s confirmed. AMBER and TRUDY are not in the Mall. MAY has a theory; AMBER must’ve gone after PRIDE. So why would TRUDY go too? BRAY doesn’t like her theory; but does anyone have any better suggestions?

ELLIE searches obsessively. JACK just wants to hang out with her. Is she avoiding him because she thinks he was a traitor for working on the Projects? He did everything he could to sabotage the CHOSEN. ELLIE feels very guilty.

BRAY doesn’t have time for SALENE’s worries about the CHOSEN; he heads out in search of PRIDEŠ and AMBER.

KC, ANDY and TALLY find the food they stole has been stolen. LEX warns KC not to go leading little kids astray.

BRAY confronts non-confrontational PRIDE. Where’s AMBER? BRAY pushes it. And PRIDE gets confrontational. But BRAY doesn’t have time for a confrontation. He goes. But if AMBER’s in trouble then PRIDE wants to help.

ELLIE wants to know why EBONY saved LUKE. And EBONY wants to know why ELLIE’s so interested.

ALICE and NED share a can-noodle. JACK wants a miracle.

MAY gets revenge on LEX for the molasses and feathers. She winds him up about TAI-SAN spending so much time with the GUARDIAN. Her stirring works, and LEX and TAI-SAN argue over who’s destroying their relationship.

NED finds a ransom note; “If you want to see AMBER and TRUDY again, hand over the GUARDIAN”Š

The MALL RATS storm MOZQUITO HQ  where are AMBER and TRUDY? After searching the place they realise they made a mistake. MOZ is furious.

LUKE wastes his breath on the GUARDIAN. But even if the mob do get their hands on the GUARDIAN, will he even know why it’s happening?

SALENE’s worried about BRADY being kidnapped. NED is insensitive. MAY promises to be SALENE and BRADY’s friend.

ALICE and TAI-SAN discuss finding the good in people. ALICE wants some advice about NED. TAI-SAN tells her to look beyond his tough exterior. But ALICE is nervous of getting hurt. That doesn’t mean she shouldn’t try.

The MALL RATS discuss the ransom note; who are the kidnappers? EBONY thinks it must be a group; maybe some of the CHOSEN faithful wanting the GUARDIAN to lead them; to start the nightmare all over again. NED’s keen to hand the GUARDIAN over.

PRIDE tells MAY he’s only staying until they find AMBER, then he’s going back to the Eco-Tribe. MAY wants to go with him, but PRIDE doesn’t think it’s her scene.

LEX is upset to find TAI-SAN cooking the GUARDIAN special meals. He gives her an ultimatum. LEX or the scumbag in the cage?

JACK remembers DAL, and is lonely and sad.

MAY suggests LEX is the culprit behind the kidnapping. He could’ve roped in accomplices. TAI-SAN is concerned.

LUKE and ELLIE feel guilty together. ELLIE decides to stay with JACK. LUKE understands. But JACK sees them holding hands!

TAI-SAN asks her husband if he was involved in the kidnapping. LEX is angry. If they can’t trust each other then what’s the point? Maybe they should just end their relationship right nowŠ

JACK asks SALENE about ELLIE and LUKE. But he’s too scared to ask ELLIE ‘cos he’s scared of the truth.

BRAY keeps thinking about what AMBER would say if they give in to the kidnappers and hand the GUARDIAN over. PRIDE can’t believe BRAY is even considering not handing him over.

TAI-SAN and LEX make-up. They must never let the GUARDIAN come between them again.

JACK confronts LUKE. LUKE confesses that ELLIE took advantage of him. JACK warns him to stay away from her. ‘Cos if the mob outside don’t get LUKE, then JACK will!!