Tribe Series 3 Episode 35 and 36

LUKE is caged. He’s determined that justice must be done.

AMBER demands to know who tarred and feathered MAY. LEX incriminates himself – it was molasses, not tar! BRAY judges AMBER the best person to be Magistrate for LUKE’s trial. But AMBER refuses; she’s tired of playing God.

SALENE looks after BRADY. Everything will be okay, Zoot willing…

ALICE has the upperhand over NED.

TAI-SAN’s angry at LEX’s mistreatment of MAY. LEX tells her he only came back for revenge…

ELLIE visits LUKE. If he loved her how could he have turned himself in? LUKE insists he sacrificed himself for justice. ELLIE’s not impressed.

NED and LEX have girl troubles. They get drunk together.

MAY sits alone in her room feeling ostracised.

KC shares the food supplies he raided from the Chosen cupboard. PRIDE wonders when the slave-traders are leaving. But ALICE wonders the same about PRIDE – he’s not a Mall Rat.

BRAY tells the angry mob that the GUARDIAN won’t be tried. MOZ and the crowd are angrier. EBONY saves the situation by telling them that LUKE will be put on trial instead. EBONY appoints herself counsel for the prosecution.

LEX apologises to TAI-SAN. Are they still husband and wife? TAI-SAN will think about it.

AMBER reconsiders the role of Magistrate in the wake of EBONY’s decision.

PRIDE visits MAY. He blames himself. MAY is snappy. PRIDE backs off. But it looks like MAY’s staunch act is just a pretense…

BRAY lets MOZ and some of the mob in for the trial.

NED’s offended. He thought he had something special with ALICE.

LUKE’s trial. LUKE pleads guilty. AMBER passes sentence on him; LUKE will go free to live with the knowledge of what he’s done for the rest of his life. MOZ and the crowd are furious again.

LUKE is put back in the cage for his own protection. ELLIE is ecstatic. Until JACK comes back.

ELLIE tells JACK the bad news about DAL.

The MALL RATS discuss justice. LEX points out the difficulties in enforcing the laws.

JACK’s unfriendly to the ex-Supreme Mother; TRUDY feels saddened.

It bugs NED the way AMBER set herself up as judge and jury. And he wants to know why the other MALL RATS put up with it.

AMBER unlocks the cage and sets LUKE free. He’s grateful.

PRIDE tells AMBER it’s time for them to go back. She’ll think about it.

LUKE loves ELLIE, but he’s a wanted man. He leaves her distraught.

NED and ALICE stroll the city streets and encounter trouble from MOZ and the MOZQUITOS. They’ve got a message for BRAY; if the MALL RATS can make up their own rules then so can everyone else!

AMBER has an identity crisis. Is she a member of the ECO-TRIBE or a MALL RAT? At least she has options. TRUDY doesn’t know if she’ll ever live down her involvement with the Chosen. AMBER has an idea.

An apologetic MAY finds PRIDE packing. TRUDY and AMBER decide to have a celebration of renewal; both want to be MALL RATS again. PRIDE overhears on his way out. AMBER’s sorry.

EBONY isn’t buying LUKE’s apology.

JACK’s bitter about the Chosen. ELLIE feels guilty.

TAI-SAN suggests everyone should reaffirm their allegiance to the tribe. BRAY invites SALENE along to the special meal.

EBONY stalks LUKE. She sees him surrender to MOZ and her tribe.

JACK follows ELLIE around. She tells him she doesn’t see how things can ever be the same; JACK misunderstands. Whatever happens they’ll always have each other.

EBONY saves LUKE from the MOZQUITOS. And appoints herself his personal bodyguard.

Special meal time. But some of them are missing.

AMBER and TRUDY get got by a mysterious attacker…