Tribe Series 3 Episode 33 and 34

ZOOT demands the GUARDIAN stop his bad behaviour at once. The GUARDIAN is reduced to a whimpering mess. TAI-SAN uses her instincts and stops the bomb just in the nick of time. Yayee, everyone is saved, and the GUARDIAN is locked up in the cage.

KC scores some liquor. The people celebrate and congratulate each other. It’s a holy holey day.

ELLIE’s anxious. She urges LUKE to save himself by leaving. People are going to want him to pay for the CHOSEN’s crimes, but LUKE won’t go anywhere without the girl he loves.

LEX and TAI-SAN are re-united. It’s a bit awkward at first, as LEX tries to fathom what went on between TAI-SAN and the GUARDIAN. They decide not to talk.

AMBER comforts BRAY. Yes, his brother, Martin (ZOOT), really is dead, and he’s never coming back. BRAY misses him.

SALENE is in a state of shock.

EBONY’s worried that someone will try to assasinate the GUARDIAN before the trial. Then what’ll she do for laughs?

ANDY taunts the GUARDIAN. TAI-SAN is furious. She chases ANDY away and sooths the distressed GUARDIAN.

ALICE and NED have a few too many.

LEX is appalled to see TAI-SAN only doing what she’d do for anybody. He flies at the GUARDIAN in a rage. EBONY knocks him out.

BRADY is returned to TRUDY. It’s like a fresh wind has blown the fear away. Where’s SALENE?

TAI-SAN and LEX bicker. LEX makes a point; how can she feel sorry for the GUARDIAN after what he’s done to kids who have no means of defending themselves? TAI-SAN makes a point too; After LEX tried to attack the defenceless GUARDIAN how is LEX any different?

TALLY finds SALENE on the roof. And it looks like she’s about to jump.

ALICE and NED kiss.

SALENE has a little hope…

LEX tells EBONY she won’t be able to protect the GUARDIAN forever.

Morning in paradise. BRAY and AMBER wake to the sound of an angry crowd. ALICE wakes to the sound of NED’s snoring.

MOZ gets the crowd buzzing. Bring that GUARDIAN out! Justice must be served. But EBONY guards the GUARDIAN. No one’s allowed to get to him before the trial.

LUKE gets upset for all the people who’ve suffered at the hands of the CHOSEN. He’s considering turning himself in. ELLIE is furious.

TAI-SAN is stand-offish with MAY. LEX is plain mean. He wants MAY locked up for crimes against the MALL RATS.

NED plays cupid. ALICE does her best to ignore him.

MAY wonders about PRIDE’s plans for the future. Has he thought about becoming a MALL RAT? Maybe they could get together? PRIDE tells her he’s probably going to head back home.

AMBER and BRAY break the news of the trial to the GUARDIAN. But is he too far gone to understand?