Tribe Series 3 Episode 31 and 32

SALENE can’t sleep – there’s a strange scraping noise. She drags ALICE out of bed to investigate…

The sound of chaos outside is sweet music to the serene GUARDIAN.

AMBER gets to thinking about the bad old days.

LUKE blames himself for everything. He wishes he’d followed his heart instead of the GUARDIAN’s orders.

ALICE tracks the noise to an old shop. Someone’s breaking in!

AMBER wonders if they should they let the baby be born.

NED surfaces. All that digging and he’s still in the Mall.

SALENE is distraught. Why does ZOOT keep punishing her?

ALICE hassles NED for his failed escape mission. He should’ve tried the basement wall. She offers to show him how it’s done.

A furtive MAY is returning to Rebel HQ when she’s caught by a suspicious LEX. Is MAY in cahoots with the GUARDIAN? MAY defends herself. Isn’t TAI-SAN the one who won’t leave the GUARDIAN’s side? LEX is furious.

ALICE and NED start digging.

LUKE’s in mental pain. He’s had time to think, and is full of regrets.

BRAY asks TRUDY to talk to AMBER for him – she’s having doubts about keeping the baby.

The GUARDIAN springs a marriage ceremony on TAI-SAN in the presence of ZOOT. With this union will come strength and purpose and a fulfillment of the One True Destiny.

TRUDY talks to AMBER about the big decision. Will AMBER keep the baby? Do giraffes have long necks?

EBONY flirts with PRIDE. MAY stumbles in… and PRIDE is saved.

NED and ALICE find the wall is two blocks thick.

The GUARDIAN gets an invitation from ZOOT. It’s time for him to join his master in the Great Hereafter, where he will be raised on high and exalted. Gather all the Faithful. It will be done. And it will be a day the unbelievers will never forget…!

EBONY busts in on AMBER and BRAY’s cosy love nest and tells them that LEX is heading for the Mall. And he’s all stirred up about a girl.

SALENE finds LUKE hiding out, and hugs him. But LUKE confesses that he loves ELLIE. SALENE is sad.

BRAY decides that now is the moment to strike… It’s dangerous though, so he wants pregnant AMBER to stay home.

The other Mall Rats have been rounded up. NED and ALICE are missing but the GUARDIAN doesn’t care. There’s no escaping what he has planned.

The Rebels set off for the Mall. EBONY orders MAY to stay back. TRUDY offers to stay as well, if MAY can’t be trusted, then neither can she. But BRAY believes they need all the help they can get. Just as well BRAY, pregnant AMBER’s coming too!

ALICE has a break through, but NED gets stuck on her.

The GUARDIAN announces that they’re all to become martyrs. ZOOT is calling. Pity no one else but the GUARDIAN can hear him.

NED manages to wriggle out of a tight spot and straight into the nosy Praetorian Guards. What does a guy have to do for a bit of privacy? He and ALICE were just sleeping. Loudly.

The Rebel’s learn that the GUARDIAN plans to torch the place and their dreams of a rescue go up in smoke.

While NED and ALICE take on the guards, KC goes underground.

LUKE springs out of hiding and urges the Chosen to abandon the GUARDIAN for not obeying ZOOT’s orders.

KC shows the Rebels the new way in. AMBER gives BRAY a cuddle and MAY surprises PRIDE with a kiss.

While TRUDY and AMBER distract the GUARDIAN, BRAY and the others prepare to make their move.

The Chosen keep chanting and the countdown counts down…