Tribe Series 3 Episode 29 and 30

LUKE & SALENE enlist TALLY’s help in the search for BRADY. But baby’s currently being paraded through REBEL HQ. Yayee.

AMBER’s not into holding hands with BRAY, but he’s not into letting go. He wonders if TRUDY has really got a grip on things. TRUDY thanks MAY for rescuing BRADY. But MAY didn’t do it for TRUDY, she doesn’t care what happens to the ex-SUPREME MOTHER. LEX doesn’t either! EBONY sympathises, when TRUDY’s ready to leave, she’ll help pack her bags.

SALENE tells the truth about TAI-SAN & the Tai-Chi master setting her up. But the GUARDIAN doesn’t believe her and puts her on trial with LUKE & TALLY. Not even ZOOT can save her now!

BRAY urges AMBER to keep the dream alive. Goodnight BRAY!

KC swears his innocence and is let off the hook but his contract as Oracle isn’t renewed. TAI-SAN’s shocked to learn that she’s to help the GUARDIAN pass sentence at the trial.

The CHOSEN are losing faith. Some are deserting. Bring on the PRAETORIAN TROOPS. These guys eat their grannies for play lunch.

LUKE comforts SALENE & TALLY. It’s him the GUARDIAN wants, not them.

BRAY gets jealous of PRIDE & AMBER.

The Rebels are joined by ETHAN. The Tribe Leaders might be ready to meet but are they ready to help? No.

The trial. MAY’s absence is noted. LUKE urges his fellow Chosen to rise up and rebel. He gets locked up.

TRUDY speaks to the Tribe Leaders. And they listen.

The prisoners are free – all except LUKE. The GUARDIAN’s losing it and so is ELLIE. She has to do something to save LUKE. But SALENE’s already on the case… getting caught. LUKE asks JONAH where his loyalties lie?

The GUARDIAN learns of the desertions. TAI-SAN remains by him.

LUKE’s saved. He loves ELLIE, but he has to hide. Where?

The PRAETORIAN Troops are determined to find the traitorous LUKE.

BRAY mends his boots. And AMBER’s got a plan involving snatch squads. She tells BRAY some interesting news…

ELLIE hides LUKE from those pole-wielding PRAETORIANS.

The GUARDIAN gets his just-deserts. The CHOSEN are looting, and leaving him. TAI-SAN suggests surrender. But the GUARDIAN’s convinced it’s one of ZOOT’s tests. TAI-SAN is disturbed.

LUKE decides to give himself up. But ELLIE decides he can’t. She tries to think of a really really good hiding place.

BRAY seeks advice from LEX . LEX shares his wisdom. And BRAY is in danger of listening.

The PRAETORIANs get heavy with the MALL RATS. ALICE decides it’s time for everyone to escape. There’s gotta be a way out!!

BRAY sets some rules for the rebels. And AMBER needs air.

NED’s missing!

ELLIE tells ALICE about LUKE’s lucky escape. SALENE helped, but will ALICE?

TRUDY urges AMBER to forgive BRAY’s craziness.

TALLY and ANDY miss their bro. KC teaches them family values.

LUKE hides again with some help from ELLIE and SALENE.

The snatch squad snatches… and TRUDY talks deprogramming.

The GUARDIAN reveals his inner trauma to TAI-SAN. At school, ZOOT hung a sign on his back saying ŒI am weak. So hit me’. TAI-SAN is sympathetic.

No one’s laughing – MAY loves PRIDE.

PRIDE tells BRAY he’s an idiot, and he owes AMBER an apology.

ELLIE is caught sneaking food to LUKE. The PRAETORIANs search the room. ALICE realises they’re not prisoners any more. They’re hostages.

BRAY gives a colourful speech and AMBER forgives him.

The GUARDIAN waits for ZOOT’s visit…