Tribe Series 3 Episode 27 and 28

TAI-SAN has a dream about the coronation. It leaves her troubled.

Where’s LEX? Has he really really gone to do a hit on either the GUARDIAN or TAI-SAN? BRAY is really really worried.

LUKE makes a special announcement. As a kind gesture, to celebrate the coronation of the Supreme Mother the GUARDIAN has insisted one of the Mall Rats go free; they must choose amongst themselves. But can they?

ALICE pesters LUKE about SALENE and learns of her miscarriage. Oh no!

TAI-SAN asks her Tai Chi Master, PRIDE about the power of dreams. PRIDE doesn’t know.

EBONY follows BRAY as he tries to find LEX.

None of the MALL RATS wants to be the one to leave. KC suggests they choose obnoxious NED. But NED gets suspicous. KC’s got another idea…

BRAY pounces on his pursuer  it’s EBONY. And she just wants to help.

The Mall Rats shoot craps. NED’s a winner, and so is everyone else.

TAI-SAN warns the GUARDIAN about her dream. But the GUARDIAN won’t call off the ceremony.

TALLY and ANDY blame KC for losing their brother. And if NED ever found out he’d been tricked he’d be really really mad.

ALICE apologises to SALENE. But SALENE says it was the will of Zoot.

BRAY and EBONY search for LEX amidst the preparations for the Coronation Ceremony.

LEX takes his position…

NED’s back at the Mall.

The Coronation Ceremony. LEX aims the crossbow, but TAI-SAN steps in front of the GUARDIAN, just as BRAY pushes him… and the arrow flies.

LEX is in shock after the, er, accident. EBONY slaps him out of it.

The GUARDIAN demands answers. LUKE did try and warn him about the rebels. The GUARDIAN is defensive and LUKE is fired.

TALLY and ANDY hustle some novices.

LEX is distraught about shooting his wife. But BRAY needs him to be strong; besides TAI-SAN might only be wounded. EBONY says nasty things to LEX but it does get him out of bed.

The GUARDIAN visits TAI-SAN. Thanks be to Zoot she was not seriously injured. He gets excited about his future plans for them both to become invincible and immortal. TAI-SAN isn’t so sure.

LEX tries to go and find out news of TAI-SAN, but BRAY insists on going himself.

TALLY and ANDY get busted for gambling. They nark on KC.

TAI-SAN and PRIDE send MAY on a mission while they discuss secret plans in her absence.

KC resists arrest. The Oracle has spoken.

Sad and lonely SALENE needs a friend. LUKE will always be her friend. But he’s leaving. SALENE is crushed.

The downstairs Mall Rats learn of the assassination attempt and the affect it’s had on the GUARDIAN. He’s gone crazy. ALICE readies herself for the revolution.

SALENE is summoned by the Supreme Mother. PRIDE offers to BRADY-sit.

BRAY returns. LEX is convinced that no news is bad news.

PRIDE let’s MAY in on the big BRADY-napping plan.

LUKE talks privately with ELLIE, and decides to stay in the Mall to stop the mad dictator.

SALENE returns to find BRADY is gone. Poor SALENE!

But the rebels are set to party. They have BRADY. And PRIDE passes on the good news to LEX about TAI-SAN being alive. Then TRUDY and AMBER return with some ECO-TRIBE members. Looks like it’s the beginning of the end…