Tribe Series 3 Episode 25 and 26

LEX gets mad. What’s TAI-SAN doing with the GUARDIAN?! EBONY stirs while BRAY offers his best boyscout reasoning. LEX seeks solitude.

ALICE feels guilty about SALENE’s accident. PRIDE arrives after the fall and offers ALICE reassurance. NED is obnoxious.

TAI-SAN has the GUARDIAN’s Supreme attention and a new suite. MAY tells her that KC saw LEX at the ceremony. TAI-SAN is pained. So is SALENE. LUKE watches her. Zoot be praised she wakes up in the Chosen Sick Bay, but with a sprained ankle. LUKE administers his first aid skills and SALENE is grateful. LEX, in contrast, isn’t very grateful even though BRAY brings him a drink. LEX is glum but BRAY urges him to keep the faith. LEX tries, but it’s a struggle.

KC tells TAI-SAN that LEX looked intent on getting back at the GUARDIAN. MAY tells TAI-SAN she is a rebel. TAI-SAN wants to see LEX to explain. But how’s she gonna do that with all those extra guards?

KC shares the booty with ANDY and TALLY, but takes a higher cut.

BRAY asks EBONY to understand LEX’s hurt. EBONY reminds BRAY about her own hurt and BRAY reminds her that that hurt is behind them.

MAY applies to TAI-SAN for her handmaiden role. But who will care for little BRADY?

LUKE finally corners ELLIE to talk about the kiss, but she doesn’t want to talk about it.

TAI-SAN activates her plan. The GUARDIAN agrees to her vision quest outside the Mall, but if it’s a trick she will pay the price.

SALENE asks LUKE to make sense. What has she done to deserve this?

EBONY visits LEX and gives him a pro-TAI-SAN pep-talk. Besides, it’s not as if LEX is mister monogamous anyway. Mission accomplished she leaves him to brood.

BRAY daydreams on guard, while MAY sneaks into Rebel HQ to deliver TAI-SAN’s message to LEX. Time for a drum roll…

TAI-SAN convinces her GUARDS to wait outside while she communes with ZOOT, but really she’s meeting LEX. They kiss.

SALENE screams… it’s the baby.

LEX demands an explanation; why did TAI-SAN dump him? As Supreme Mother she knows she can make the GUARDIAN see sense. But LEX just wants his wife back. Left with no choice, TAI-SAN sets the Guards onto him. LEX flees.

LUKE comforts the grieving SALENE. And the GUARDIAN notices that LUKE is troubled. But why?

BRAY has target practice. EBONY wants to know if he’s really gonna go through with this crossbow/GUARDIAN/ending the nightmare thing. But BRAY wonders if, in taking another person’s life, the nightmare may just be about to begin…

ELLIE can’t avoid LUKE forever. But she can try. NED gets the wrong idea and thinks he’s ELLIE’s knight in shining armour.

EBONY is wise to LEX’s meeting with TAI-SAN. LEX admits he saw TAI-SAN and that it’s just an act to make the GUARDIAN see the error of his ways. BRAY votes they give her plan a chance before they implement the crossbow/GUARDIAN/ending the nightmare thing. But EBONY’s opposed…

PRIDE’s got a favour to ask MAY. Could she get a message to TAI-SAN for him? It’s all very secret squirrel.

The GUARDIAN questions TAI-SAN about her vision quest. TAI-SAN admits she saw LEX. What a coincidence. But TAI-SAN insists she has no regrets about renouncing her former hubby.

ANDY and TALLY do a scam of their own. KC loses out.

NED, the slimy toad, tries to kiss ELLIE. ALICE saves her.

SALENE wants to know if LUKE would’ve been her baby’s Godfather. LUKE doesn’t know what to say.

EBONY stirs LEX.

PRIDE appeals to TAI-SAN to work with him. What’s his plan?

LEX fishes. BRAY is stunned by LEX’s pearls of wisdom. But is LEX really as relaxed as he’s making out?

SALENE is the new nursemaid. PRIDE helps her watch over BRADY.

BRAY discovers that the crossbow and LEX have gone. Exciting isn’t it?