Tribe Series 3 Episode 23 and 24

BRAY, LEX and EBONY hi-jack a wagon full of pregnant women, all on their way to pledge their babies to the Chosen.

TAI-SAN’s date with the GUARDIAN has given her plenty to meditate on. Will she or won’t she accept his supreme offer?

PRIDE discusses tai chi and the teachings of Chang Feng with TAI-SAN. Never involve yourself with the enemy. But has his advice come too late for TAI-SAN?

KC convinces TALLY she’s so sweet she needs a sugar daddy. Then he demands a percentage of the candy.

NED’s on the look out for a new water-bearer. PRIDE takes the job. MAY’s upset. Where’s your pride, PRIDE?

TALLY and ANDY outscam KC. They’ll work with him on their own terms.

LUKE urges ELLIE to talk TAI-SAN out of accepting the role of Supreme Mother. It could be dangerous.

The rebels watch a Chosen puppet show which features themselves as the bad guys.

NED is suspicious of MAY and PRIDE. What’s with all the whispering? Hasn’t PRIDE got something better to do? Like fetch him a comic??

ELLIE and ALICE disagree over TAI-SAN. ALICE believes they need TAI-SAN by the GUARDIAN’s side and anyway, why is ELLIE acting so weird?

TAI-SAN and ALICE share a moment. TAI-SAN has swum against the current before, it was tough. ALICE is adamant – she won’t let TAI-SAN get swept away by the GUARDIAN.

LEX, BRAY and EBONY put on their own puppet show. They make the GUARDIAN look bad and LEX makes himself look invincible.

LEX congratulates himself on being the star of the show. BRAY announces the up-coming coronation  of the new Supreme Mother.

The GUARDIAN has had another dream, this time involving him and TAI-SAN, as Gods. LUKE’s dubious  is the GUARDIAN losing it?

ALICE makes NED wear his own mess. Trouble is, he finds it rather tasty.

PRIDE urges TAI-SAN to be careful. The GUARDIAN may be a scorpio but he still has horns.

LEX speculates on the identity of the new Supreme Mother; so which traitor is it, MAY or SALENE? EBONY wants to ambush the coronation and bring down the GUARDIAN for good. Does anyone know how to use a crossbow? A hesitant BRAY does.

LUKE’s disappointed in ELLIE for not stopping TAI-SAN from accepting her new role and recoils from her touch  what’s she playing him for?

KC tells TALLY and ANDY the coronation may be a good money spinner. He’s got an idea…

ALICE has had it with SALENE, she’s completely untrustworthy.

LEX admits a crisis of conscience when he last tried to assasinate the GUARDIAN. BRAY promises not to tell.

ELLIE struggles with her feelings for LUKE. ALICE advises not to lose her head…or her heart.

LUKE gets tetchy as he awaits the coronation. MAY applies for the dual role of hand-maiden, and spy, again.

NED gets inspected. ALICE instructs him to pick up his mess and drop the nark talk. PRIDE roars. He’s really a lion dressed up as a lamb, dressed up as a panther.

ELLIE says sorry. She and LUKE share an impossible problem.

ALICE blows her top at SALENE. The pregnant SALENE runs and falls…

LEX learns that the Supreme defector is…