Tribe Series 3 Episode 21 and 22

While MAY copies co-ordinates, RYAN is taken away!

The GUARDIAN doesn’t seem to mind his brush with Zoot Heaven. Death is worthy. Perhaps RYAN would like to try it.

ELLIE is proud of RYAN’s stance and TAI-SAN wants to hold hands. But SALENE is in no mood for sending out psychic vibes. She just wants RYAN back!

NED urges his slave PRIDE to seek out the Chosen. PRIDE’s reluctant, selling himself is not part of his job description.

Tearful tactician TAI-SAN writes a note to the GUARDIAN and remembers happier times with LEX.

LUKE informs SALENE that RYAN is alive and working in the mines. ELLIE catches the pair in an embrace and gets the wrong idea.

KC convinces FISHEYE to trade his diamonds for goggles.

NED bungles his deal with the Chosen and ends up making slaves of himself, TALLY and ANDY. PRIDE can’t help, his hands are tied.

Green-eyed ELLIE accuses LUKE of sending RYAN away to get closer to SALENE. TAI-SAN pushes the Lieutenant further when she orders him to pass her note of salvation on to the GUARDIAN.

MAY finally makes her 3 O’clock with the rebels, and learns of Dal’s fate. She hands over the map co-ordinates. But which co-ordinates stand for Fuel Dump?

PRIDE, NED, TALLY and ANDY are held captive in the Mall. When TALLY bites off more than she can chew, the foursome go hungry. ALICE isn’t impressed. Whose Mall is it anyway?

The rebels follow their noses and wind up at the fuel dump. EBONY uses her charms to divert the guard, while BRAY dumps him.

The GUARDIAN plays it cool when he gets TAI-SAN’s note but he’s feeling the heat. Big time.

MAY is proud when PRIDE suggests he and she work together against the Chosen. But shh…it’s gotta be kept a secret.

EBONY’s ignites the trail of petrol that leads to the fuel dump warehouse. She thinks it’s a gas until she learns that BRAY’s inside…

BRAY drives inside the fuel dump and warns everyone of the danger; the whole thing’s gonna blow… Back at the Mall, the Mall Rats are rocked by the explosion. What was that?!

The Rebels celebrate having sent the Chosen fuel supply up in smoke. They toast; to absent friends.

Meanwhile SALENE weeps for absent husbands.

LUKE reports the fuel loss to the distracted GUARDIAN. What does it all mean? The GUARDIAN summons his Oracle to interpret.

Obnoxious NED tries ALICE’s patience.

The GUARDIAN seeks meaning from KC; is the explosion Zoot’s way of warning or celebrating? A celebration of course. The GUARDIAN’s pleased.

LUKE is a go-between for ELLIE and JACK. SALENE overhears; isn’t the lieutenant kind? ELLIE disagrees. If it wasn’t for the Chosen everything would be fine.

MAY meets with the rebels and tells them of the Mall’s new visitors. BRAY’s relieved about PRIDE.

The GUARDIAN’s on the brink; but as TAI-SAN tries to find his inner humanity, will he take her over the edge as well?

TAI-SAN gives sad SALENE the brush off. SALENE is sadder.

KC’s customers are goggle-eyed at his fraud…

TAI-SAN slips off her wedding ring before meeting the GUARDIAN.

NED sprays; ALICE is disgusted.

Everybody needs somebody. The GUARDIAN reveals his inner desires; to bring peace; through power and chaos of course. TAI-SAN is closer to understanding Š

ALICE loses her patience with NED…and floors him.

SALENE prays to Zoot; bring RYAN back.

The GUARDIAN shakes until struck by a divine revelation…