Tribe Series 3 Episode 19 and 20

NED, ANDY and TALLY tie up their berry unhappy prisoner. PRIDE bites his tongue.

Is the GUARDIAN losing his grip? He orders LUKE to squash the rumours and double the number of slaves.

ALICE, ELLIE and RYAN paint an official ‘Zoot is great’ sign at the Mall. RYAN refuses to look on the bright side.

KC demands a City Pass to roam freely. The Oracle threatens to tell the GUARDIAN of his lieutenant’s role in TRUDY-the-Impostor’s escape…unless LUKE obliges.

The Rebels mope. EBONY has an idea to bring down the Chosen using vehicles and fuel. She sources the Chosens’ sources… probably that old warehouse. She selects LEX over BRAY to help investigate; BRAY’s too distracted wondering if PRIDE will return.

The GUARDIAN addresses the labour camp. The sooner the foolish mother-to-bes are put on the path to Zoot-righteousness the better…But does the GUARDIAN have the stomach for pregnancy?

KC keeps watch over the Chosen Guards. Spying EBONY and LEX, he hides.

RYAN loses his cool, and almost his life. LUKE intervenes…

LEX encourages EBONY to smell the roses. KC is horrified. Luckily EBONY’s not feeling rosey.

PRIDE stirs. NED’s siblings are playing him for an idiot. NED reveals the plan to sell PRIDE as a slave to the Chosen.

ELLIE tries to forge a friendship with LUKE, and fails.

KC falls victim to the long arm of FISHEYE and his friend.

LEX and EBONY are disappointed to find the possible fuel dump empty.

Chosen ROSIE leads the preggy girls in ante-natal classes. Breathe in…Zoot is your new and only father…breathe out.

The GUARDIAN calls upon TAI-SAN to expel TRUDY’s bad vibes. But TAI-SAN is magnetised by true enlightenment. The GUARDIAN is tempted, horrified, and confused. Take her away!

ROSIE explains the essence of fatherhood to SALENE; Basically RYAN will never see the baby.

The GUARDIAN demands to see TAI-SAN in his suite…urgently.

The rebels squabble. Face it, BRAY, PRIDE isn’t coming back!

The GUARDIAN apologises to TAI-SAN. She feels privileged and pure. Is the GUARDIAN lonely?

KC-the-Oracle’s got himself a piece of the pie; he and FISHEYE talk the same language.

SALENE tells MAY of the new baby-rearing rules in which daddys are prohibited from seeing their babies. What’ll she tell RYAN?

LUKE and ELLIE apologise. The Lieutenant just felt misunderstood. ELLIE looks beyond the cloak and understands. LUKE offers to send JACK a message. ELLIE misses him…

BRAY urges his fellow rebels to pull together. They gotta hit that petrol dump. Only they have to find it first…BRAY’s got a secret weapon.

MAY is outraged about the baby-rearing rules.

PRIDE tells NED, TALLY and ANDY a tale about a rat befriending a lion. They get spooked.

ELLIE tells ALICE about her open chat with LUKE. She’s not going soft on him, is she?

RYAN finally corners SALENE and demands the truth about the maternity meeting…RYAN is livid. The GUARDIAN’s gonna be sorry!

The rebels use MAY, the secret weapon.

TAI-SAN tells ALICE her approach with the GUARDIAN is beginning to work. TAI-SAN is a determined little spiritual loony.

RYAN demands the skeleton key from KC.

SALENE’s real worried. What if RYAN does something stupid?

RYAN unshackles himself and does something stupid. He confronts the GUARDIAN – but who’s the dead man now?