Tribe Series 3 Episode 17 and 18

TRUDY escaped. The Mall Rats are pleased at their success. But what’ll happen to them now? LIEUTENANT LUKE tells ELLIE not to worry – he’ll cover for them.

BRAY and PRIDE return to Rebel HQ with TRUDY. LEX is appalled, but EBONY sees an opportunity; they have the Supreme Mother.

LUKE reports the news of TRUDY’s escape to the GUARDIAN. The Zoot-spotter must be found… and punished.

BRAY wants to help traumatised TRUDY. LEX and EBONY’d rather use her as a weapon to bring down the Chosen. BRAY’s outvoted.

The GUARDIAN appoints MAY as permanent BRADY-minder, but only if she snitches… Who yelled ‘Zoot is here’?

BRAY tries to gain TRUDY’s trust. And succeeds.

Zoot-spotter, KC, is dragged before the GUARDIAN who demands the names of the others involved. KC must confess or die. Will the worm turn? ALICE, PATSY and ELLIE think so.

Did KC really see the Mighty Zoot? While the GUARDIAN ponders KC is locked up to contemplate the end.

BRAY and PRIDE confess their low self-trust; especially where AMBER’s concerned. But BRAY is staunch. PRIDE must take TRUDY to the safety of AMBER, and BRAY must stay and lead…

The GUARDIAN seeks advice from LUKE about KC. Should the GUARDIAN believe KC really saw Zoot?

ELLIE misses JACK so much, but ALICE urges her to use her influence on LUKE to help overthrow the Chosen.

SALENE is concerned now that TRUDY has gone. LUKE promises that SALENE and the baby will still get all the care they need.

LEX and EBONY learn that TRUDY has gone. They attack BRAY for being a fool; he sent PRIDE to AMBER!??

The GUARDIAN confirms KC’s story with higher powers. Instead of killing KC, he is to become the GUARDIAN’s oracle… MAY minds BRADY. Not only is it exhausting but it hurts!

GUARDIAN contemplates TRUDY’s disappearance. She was unworthy to die just as she was unworthy to be Supreme Mother. He tells LUKE to blacken the name of TRUDY the impostor.

BRAY argues that TRUDY would make a worthless hostage. By nightfall she’ll be public enemy number one. LEX accuses BRAY of having a soft spot for fruitcakes.

ALICE and Co spot KC out on the loose with an attitude. ALICE reckons he must’ve struck himself a deal with GOLDILOCKS. KC’s smug. All they need know is that he kept them in the clear.

While MAY snores on, BRADY crawls out.

LEX fumes. How much pain does TRUDY have to inflict before BRAY realises she has a poisonous touch? And by the way, does BRAY really think PRIDE’s returning from AMBER’s?

ALICE encourages ELLIE to be more encouraging to LUKE, so ELLIE tries her best line. Does LUKE know that his hair matches the colour of his eyes? His response leaves her feeling blue.

MAY wakes to find BRADY gone. Worse still, GUARDIAN wants to see them both. During the search for BRADY, MAY stumbles upon a room with a map of the city.

Food is a good cure for a bad memory. KC remembers ZOOT’s apparition told him he likes happy children. GUARDIAN interprets this message in his own special way.

The GUARDIAN announces that new babies will be kept in the care of the Chosen. Pregnant mothers must own up to GUARDIAN. RYAN’s frantic – don’t do it SALENE! Too late – Serene, SALENE steps forward.

PRIDE finds a couple of hungry children, TALLY and ANDY. But can PRIDE really spot the good berries from the bad?

RYAN asks where he fits in with SALENE and the baby. But SALENE has to go with the other Mothers-to-be before she can reply.

PRIDE calculates the net sum of the poisonous berries he gets netted himself…