Tribe Series 3 Episode 15 and 16

ELLIE composes a new anti-Chosen leaflet, but her sister questions the wisdom of it so soon after LUKE’s warning. And why did LUKE let ELLIE off anyway; does he fancy her or something?

The GUARDIAN tells TRUDY she is not fit to be Supreme Mother. Rejected and humiliated, TRUDY spins out. LUKE becomes concerned for BRADY’s welfare. The GUARDIAN seeks guidance from Zoot.

LEX is ready to rescue the Mall Rats, but PRIDE and BRAY counsel caution. They have to take time to plan every detail first.

PATSY’s petrified of mad TRUDY. But LUKE believes TRUDY’s tantrum is a small price for MAY and PATSY to pay for the privilege of serving the Supreme Mother. PATSY agrees to look after BRADY while TRUDY is not herself. LUKE reveals the true value of the baby.

PATSY reports to ALICE and ELLIE. TAI-SAN’s secretly been seeing the GUARDIAN. Is she betraying not only LEX, but the entire Tribe as well?

ELLIE and ALICE confront TAI-SAN. Is she doing the GUARDIAN special favours? TAI-SAN insists she’s not a traitor and they have no reason to question her.

BRAY catches a Chosen intruder inside Rebel HQ, but it’s only LEX. LEX admits he was sneaking out to see his captive wife. But the rebels can’t risk losing him.

SALENE surprises RYAN with a platter of fruit. They get juicy, but RYAN, an unbeliever, doesn’t want to make problems for her. Maybe he should sleep elsewhere. SALENE lets slip that LUKE said it was okay. RYAN is peeved. So that’s where all the fruit came from.

TRUDY bursts into the GUARDIAN’s suite and threatens to expose his lying and cheating to her followers. The GUARDIAN orders her swift removal.

KC reveals a skeleton key to RYAN. It’s the key to their shackles on the chain gang. KC suggests RYAN make a break for it too. RYAN tells KC he can’t leave his pregnant wife.

In Chosen disguise, LEX enters the Mall and inadvertantly gatecrashes a GUARDIAN speech. The Mighty Zoot has ordained the Supreme Mother be reunited with him in the hereafter… !

The GUARDIAN has wonderful news. Zoot wants TRUDY to join him in the hereafter. It’s the greatest honour he can bestow, but the Supreme Mother is devastated. That lying GUARDIAN.

LEX reports back to Rebel HQ; TRUDY’s gonna get sacrificed.

TRUDY pleads with the GUARDIAN. She only made one little mistake.

BRAY implores his fellow rebels to help him save the sick, but not evil, TRUDY. The others refuse.

The Supreme Mother blames her confidante, but MAY’s not taking the wrap, man. Like, it’s not her fault.

TRUDY demands to see her baby. LUKE foresees difficulties.

KC wants to help with the secret and dangerous stuff, but ALICE tells him to forget it.

PATSY informs ALICE and ELLIE of the sacrifice. The Mall Rats feel helpless. What can they do?

RYAN gives SALENE an ultimatum; him or the CHOSEN?

The Supreme Mother’s right hand MAY worries about her job prospects. LUKE agrees to have a word with the GUARDIAN. MAY promises to return the favour – somehow.

LUKE doesn’t agree with the sacrifice. It’s for all the wrong reasons. Will ELLIE help him save TRUDY? He asks her to contact the rebels.

The Mall Rats devise a plan. ELLIE calls on a secret weapon called PATSY. Finally, KC is allowed a piece of the action, and even PRIDE reconsiders and joins BRAY with the rescue.

TRUDY is saved and ushered out towards freedom. She’s surprised to find the GUARDIAN’s lieutenant helping her. LUKE offers to hold BRADY while TRUDY climbs the tricky Sewer ladder. Ooops.

Did TRUDY really believe that LUKE would allow her to take the Chosen’s most precious gift??