Tribe Series 3 Episode 13 and 14

PATSY prepares for her ceremony to join the Fifth Circle while TRUDY informs MAY of the bad news. CLOE played a dangerous spying game and got caught. As punishment she was sent away to the mines.

PATSY confronts ALICE and ELLIE; why didn’t they tell her that CLOE was a spy as well?! They convince PATSY to hang in there and be the best Chosen spy she can be.

LEX reminds BRAY he’s not the only one hurting over a girl; TAI-SAN is still being held prisoner.

KC demands to know what ALICE and RYAN are being secretive about. But can they trust him? It’s hard to know who to trust these days.

MAY spies TAI-SAN entering the GUARDIAN’s suite. TAI-SAN asks the GUARDIAN about his feelings, but all the GUARDIAN feels is disappointment; he’d hoped for debate at a higher mental level.

PATSY conquers her fears and plays the game. At the Ceremony she renounces her Mall Rat status.

MAY reports to the GUARDIAN about probably nothing. TRUDY said she only joined the Chosen because there was no alternative. Zoot will reward the Supreme Mother’s confidante for her diligence.

EBONY teaches LEX, PRIDE and the Gaians some new fighting techniques. An enraged BRAY deals EBONY a near-death experience.

ALICE and ELLIE assemble the laptop for their leaflets and PATSY spies; “Never give up hope. We will defeat the Chosen”. But watching, in the shadows of the Mall, lurks LIEUTENANT LUKE.

SALENE wants the shirt off RYAN’s back. But he’s hiding anti-Chosen leaflets inside, and doesn’t want to blow his cover. To appease his wife, he proposes a pretend honeymoon for later.

TRUDY and MAY play happily with little BRADY, until MAY queries TAI-SAN’s visits to the GUARDIAN. What visits?

EBONY complains that BRAY won’t even talk to her. PRIDE suggests saying Œsorry’. But is EBONY willing to go that far? Afterall BRAY’s not the only eco-warrior on the planet.

LUKE recommends SALENE for one of the special circles. She’s hesitant and confides that her marriage is rocky. LUKE advises her to stick it out, and win her husband over to the Cause.

KC spots the anti-Chosen leaflets that RYAN, ELLIE and ALICE have distributed at the farm. They feign ignorance and suggest the resistance group mightn’t want to draw attention to themselves. What’s the point if you can’t contact them? ALICE concedes KC has a point.

PRIDE advises BRAY against hate. AMBER’d find it a real turn-off.

TRUDY grills MAY about TAI-SAN and the GUARDIAN. MAY tries to reassure her. He’d never cheat on the Supreme Mother. TRUDY puts her confidante straight; their relationship is strictly spiritual.

LUKE reports the leaflet to the GUARDIAN. Excellent. They hate him. Hate is the Mother of Chaos and through Chaos comes Power. To increase this hate, the GUARDIAN wants to make an example of the person responsible. He asks LUKE to find a worthy sacrifice.

TRUDY grills MAY again about TAI-SAN and the GUARDIAN. TRUDY’s on her way out.

EBONY tells BRAY she’s truly truly sorry and sheds a tear to prove it.

TRUDY grills TAI-SAN about TAI-SAN and the GUARDIAN.

BRAY tells EBONY he’s not going to let his hatred of her destroy what he has with AMBER. Apology accepted.

ELLIE, distributing anti-Chosen leaflets, is sprung by LUKE.

TRUDY gets sequinned up, and presents herself to the GUARDIAN – why have TAI-SAN when he could have the Supreme Mother?