Tribe Series 3 Episode 11 and 12

Star Traitor, CLOE, infiltrates the Mall Rat Novice clique and no one suspects a thing.

Supreme Traitor, MAY, schemes with the GUARDIAN to catch BRAY and the rebels.

PRIDE teaches DAL how to make a loaf, and AMBER/EAGLE gets inspired. But her plan depends on EBONY who’s just flown the coop, bitter at BRAY’s treatment of her.

LEX spots MAY, in full Chosen regalia, passing out pro-rebel leaflets to streetkids. Keep the Dream Alive?

AMBER/EAGLE hunts down her prey. The claws are out and EBONY reluctantly returns with the triumphant AMBER/EAGLE.

LEX and the Gaians capture the suspicious MAY and summon the others back at HQ to meet them. Can they trust her? But would MAY be handing out anti-Chosen propaganda if she was really with the Cause? Winning over their trust, she tells them to get TRUDY and BRADY out. Without them, the entire Chosen regime will crumble. And MAY knows exactly how, where, and when they should do it…

Having betrayed her old friends, MAY returns to the Mall, loyal to the Cause. The GUARDIAN is impressed…

The rebels put their kidnapping plan into action. And DAL joins the group for one last battle.

The rebels walk straight into the trap… and DAL reminds AMBER about little acorns.

The rebels hold a funeral for DAL. AMBER/EAGLE is distraught.

At the Mall, TRUDY’s furious at the GUARDIAN for putting her life, and BRADY’s, in danger. TRUDY turns on MAY accusingly – did she know anything about the set-up? But the GUARDIAN covers for MAY.

Spy CLOE reports back to ALICE and ELLIE. The Chosen are far worse than she imagined. Unaware of her ulterior motives, KC attacks CLOE for choosing her Chosen path.

A grief-stricken AMBER isn’t talking. Maybe BRAY should try – AMBER blames herself…

LEX is bored of moping. It’s not like DAL’s death is the end of the world. What about saving their friends back at the Mall who’re still alive? The GUARDIAN reprimands MAY for breaking her promise to deliver the rebel, BRAY. He employs her to spy on TRUDY. Handmaiden, MAY starts immediately.

BRAY probes PRIDE about his feelings for AMBER/EAGLE. She’s the heart and soul of the Tribe and PRIDE loves her, but even he can see the girl is crazy about BRAY.

CLOE, LIEUTENANT LUKE’s star pupil, is ready for initiation. PATSY is jealous.

ALICE hassles SALENE about her tummy-ache, probably all the rich food she’s been eating as a Chosen recruit. RYAN breaks the news that SALENE is pregnant.

EBONY has a heart-to-heart with PRIDE about BRAY. She encourages him to do something stupid for love.

AMBER/EAGLE makes a decision. She’s going away for a while to rally an army to fight the Chosen. When she returns they can finish the GUARDIAN for good.

TRUDY’s a slavedriver. Her maid, MAY, suffers in silence.

PRIDE returns AMBER/EAGLE’s ring – he can see she’s already made her choice. AMBER/EAGLE visits BRAY. They kiss.

AMBER/EAGLE bids a tearful farewell… she’ll be seeing BRAY in her dreams…