Tribe Series 3 Episode 9 and 10

ALICE condemns MAY, PATSY and especially SALENE for their novice Zoot worship. SALENE’s adamant that she’s faking it, but what about MAY? Is she pretending too?

BRAY, DAL, AMBER/EAGLE and her GAIAN tribe plan to rescue the Mall Rats. Relying almost entirely on the element of surprise the rebels have one shot only. PRIDE scouts the sewers alone. AMBER explains; he’s got skills that BRAY doesn’t. BRAY begins to wonder…

LEX and EBONY, having infiltrated the City barricade dressed as missionaries, are also planning to rescue the Mall Rats. All they need is the password to get past those beefy Mall security guards. LEX spots his wife getting a rough time from an unmerciful slave-driver. He can’t take it any longer, but EBONY’s got a plan!

The GUARDIAN is really mean to PATSY at novice worship. He shares secrets for their journey towards chaos, death and annihilation.

EBONY reveals to a sceptical LEX her plan to assassinate the GUARDIAN.

DAL gives the low down on the inside set-up at the Mall. BRAY and AMBER/EAGLE accidentally share an electric moment.

TAI-SAN risks the wrath of the Chosen by gathering parsley for SALENE whilst on the chain gang. Soon, they’ll all be needing herbs.

BRAY convinces a reluctant AMBER/EAGLE to stay behind at Rebel HQ while the boys go rescuing. They can’t risk losing her twice.

Entering the Mall, EBONY and LEX wait til the time is right…

SALENE lets slip that some of what the GUARDIAN says makes sense. Ooops. ALICE and ELLIE are worried. They need an informer. CLOE volunteers.

As the boys enter the Mall, BRAY learns that AMBER/EAGLE and PRIDE are pledged to one another.

The creepy GUARDIAN lurks outside TAI-SAN’s and watches her meditate. SALENE watches him. But what’s that other noise?

Suddenly LEX and EBONY strike the GUARDIAN with their poisoned barb. But can LEX do it??

SALENE screams as if she’s seen a ghost.

SALENE’s scream bungles both rescue missions. A swarm of Chosen Guards rush to defend the GUARDIAN from his attackers, while another pack fight off BRAY and the Gaians. Realising the futility of the fight, BRAY urges the rebels to withdraw. As the Chosen Guards force LEX and EBONY to retreat EBONY suffers a nasty blow and is out for the count. BRAY is a hero despite himself and he and PRIDE cart her inert body off back to rebel HQ.

SALENE’s in shock. BRAY’s alive…

The GUARDIAN’s got issues, and blames the incompetence of the Supreme Mother for the assassination attempt. He is very displeased… and only a little bit flattered. People hate him and hate is good. There’s always a bright side if you look for it.

TAI-SAN gets an unexpected, but welcome, intruder; LEX!!

The GUARDIAN is convinced there is a traitor in their midst.

LEX and TAI-SAN spend the night together  LEX wonders what the GUARDIAN was doing right outside her door anyway?

Back at Rebel HQ they reflect on the failed rescue attempt. BRAY blames EBONY and EBONY blames BRAY. PRIDE plays peacemaker.

Meanwhile, the GUARDIAN counts his blessings to the merciless and the givers of confusion. But he’s determined to find the traitor. He casts his suspicions in MAY’s direction  she is petrified.

EBONY thanks BRAY for getting her out of the Mall, but BRAY would’ve done it for CLOUDY. They’re even now.

TAI-SAN tells the others about AMBER being alive.

LEX joins the others at rebel HQ.

CLOE inquires to PATSY about doing the novice ceremony.

MAY overhears SALENE and ALICE talking about BRAY’s appearance at Mall… and finds just the thing to take the suspicion off her…