Tribe Series 3 Episode 7 and 8

BRAY’s violent storming of their leader’s tent angers the Gaian Tribe. Mall Rats are not welcome here.

Inside, BRAY demands a proper explanation from AMBER. Doesn’t she care about her old friends who are in danger? But it’s strictly a Tribe Council decision.

AMBER’s tormented by flashbacks and BRAY just doesn’t get it. He wants the truth – did she ever love him?

AMBER bitterly recalls a longer version of events on Eagle Mountain involving EBONY and Bray.

BRAY is as dazed and confused as AMBER was on the mountain. He denies everything and is going to prove it … somehow.

Back at the Mall, ALICE continues to defy the Chosen – and the food is withdrawn once more.

LIEUTENANT LUKE puts in an evil word for the Supreme Mother. If she’s free she’ll be able to help break the other Mall Rats.

LEX challenges PRIDE to a fight.

The GUARDIAN releases TRUDY from her room-bound captivity. She’ll report back everything the Mall Rats say.

Is SALENE going to change?

The big brawl between LEX and PRIDE begins…

The GUARDIAN has a private word with TAI-SAN. He admires her strength and vision.

TRUDY tries to befriend SALENE. She offers to get her taken off certain duties but only if she promises to join the special Chosen novice ceremony. MAY could be excused too. And they could persuade CLOE and PATSY …

There is a Tribe Council Meeting at the Gaian camp. BRAY appeals to the tribe for help. The Chosen are a very real threat.

BRAY catches scheming EBONY trying to burn the photo and drags her and the evidence over to AMBER.

BRAY is furious at EBONY for telling AMBER lies and at his true love for believing them. But AMBER is intent on leaving the past buried.

The eternal triangle loses an edge as EBONY heads back to the city accompanied by LEX.

Back at the Mall, TRUDY offers to help her old friends help themselves, all except wayward ALICE, of course. All the Mall Rats have to do is join in a special Chosen novice ceremony.

LEX urges EBONY to enjoy the company but she’s too grossed out.

TRUDY reports to the GUARDIAN on her progress in converting the Mall Rats to the Cause. MAY’s a definite, SALENE’s an almost definite, and RYAN’s a definite for whatever SALENE’s doing. Little PATSY’s coming round again too.

Intrigued by TAI-SAN, the GUARDIAN summons her to his room for a private chat.

BRAY and DAL say their goodbyes to the Gaians. Is that a tear in EAGLE’s eye?

The slavery continues but freedom fighter ALICE sings to a different tune.

In his suite, the GUARDIAN urges TAI-SAN to live deeply in every moment like he does. After an abrupt conclusion to the visit the GUARDIAN is himself left deeply unsettled.

LEX and EBONY engage some Chosen missionaries in religious debate. They tie them up and steal their clothes in a spot of daylight derobery.

RYAN tries to convince SALENE not to join in the novice ceremony. Oops. SALENE convinces RYAN instead.

Time for the novice ceremony. MAY, PATSY, SALENE and RYAN take the first step.

BRAY and DAL don’t have much of a plan. Luckily the Gaians appear to join the fight…