Tribe Series 3 Episode 5 and 6

BRAY is incensed. AMBER is dead and buried so how could she have given PRIDE the ring that BRAY himself buried at her grave? EBONY thinks of all kinds of explanations.

The Mall Rats consider their options. To join or not to join the Chosen.

TRUDY’s being tested by Zoot. Who is she impressing?

LEX and DAL want the cat onside to help rescue the Mall Rats. But BRAY doesn’t trust him and EBONY’s allergic.

The Chosen guards don’t appreciate humour. KC and CLOE are hauled away.

BRAY confides in EBONY that he has had a dream about AMBER being alive. EBONY discourages him from pursuing the idea. Is he prepared to lose her all over again?

BRAY apologises to PRIDE – the ring threw him. But where’s DAL?

TRUDY finds an ally as LIEUTENANT LUKE brings little BRADY to see her Supreme Mummy.

Doing extra slave duties, someone pilfers food off TRUDY’s untouched dinner tray. The GUARDIAN notes the missing food and rages at the very surprised TRUDY.

ALICE can’t believe SALENE, RYAN and MAY are intent on betraying BRAY’s memory. But who has arrived with the stolen food to share. The group are re-united once more.

PRIDE and the rebels head for Eagle Mountain where they find DAL upturning AMBER’s gravesite. There’s no sign of a corpse anywhere. BRAY’s confused and angry. He wants answers and demands PRIDE take him to his leader. The Gaian’s are a secretive tribe but PRIDE’ll try.

SALENE, RYAN and MAY enter the Chosen fray. Praise be to Zoot.

BRAY finally comes face to face with the Gaian Tribal Leader…

AMBER’s alive! The Mall Rats are thrilled but AMBER’s not.

Alone, AMBER painfully remembers her past life at the Mall… and that special kiss on Eagle Mountain… BRAY remembers it too.

PRIDE instructs the Mall Rats to leave in the morning. But BRAY can’t rest… why won’t his true love even acknowledge him? He’s further pained when DAL is summoned to the leader’s tent instead of himself.

AMBER explains to DAL a censored version of events that occurred after the explosion atop Eagle Mountain. She never ever forgot the Mall Rats but in the Gaians she’d found the paradise they’d always searched for.

Meanwhile, EBONY’s acting suspicious. She’s keen to move on and convinces BRAY he can’t live in the past – the others need saving. They prepare to leave.

DAL returns with AMBER’s explanation of the events on Eagle Mountain. But BRAY just doesn’t buy it. He busts his way into AMBER’s tent knocking down peace-loving Gaian guards as he does so…