Tribe Series 3 Episode 3 and 4

The power and chaos is getting to BRAY.

ELLIEís got the guilts about JACK being taken away ñ itís all her fault, isnít it?

The GUARDIANís furious when he learns the Supreme Mother has undermined his authority. But TRUDY claims she did it only to win them over with kindness. The Guardian`s not convinced. What will become of Brady?

TRUDY announces the new rules to our tribe. No worship, no food. It is Zootís will.

TAI-SAN comforts ELLIE. They send loving thoughts to JACK and LEX.

MAYís sick of ALICEís fighting talk. Maybe they should just play along to survive. SALENE agrees.

BRAYís exhausted by all the religious indoctrination. The GUARDIAN visits. The power and chaos begins anew.

LEX is impressed. PRIDEís tribe sound like just the pack of animals they need to combat the CHOSEN.

The GUARDIAN is concerned by BRAYís continued resistance ñ he might contaminate the others. But TRUDY convinces her leader they should work together. She has ways of breaking BRAY…..

BRAY is brought before the tribe to lead them into the flock of the Chosen.

The GUARDIAN is enraged by the trickery and BRAY is dragged off having just ordered his own death warrant Ö

The GUARDIAN blames TRUDY for BRAY`s outburst – her allegiances in doubt, he proposes a test. The Supreme Mother will perform the ultimate act of devotion to the Great One.

The Tribe are sombre with the news of BRAY`s demise but TAI-SAN tries to remain optimistic. Ryan is dragged off for slave duties at the farm. MAY is less than optimistic.

LEX and EBONY spy RYAN. Heís overjoyed to see theyíre alive. But RYAN has some very bad news about their leader Ö

SALENE storms TRUDYís chambers to convince her to save BRAY. TRUDY acts cold and heartless. Left alone, her heart is breaking.

The eco-warrior is led to his execution. But can TRUDY bring herself to their leader.

TAI-SAN leads a hand-holding circle and the Tribe send special thoughts to their leader.

Since BRAYís execution goes up in smoke… the GUARDIAN grills TRUDY. The rescuers needed inside information. Does TRUDY seek to disrupt the cause?

SALENE contemplates the cause. If MAY goes over then so will she.

Has there been a grave crime Ö but PRIDEís ring was given to him by his leader.