Tribe Series 3 – Episode 1 and 2

LEX and BRAY lie motionless under their crashed vehicle. LUKE and his CHOSEN scan the bodies amongst the wreckage and head back to the Mall to report the news that LEX and BRAY are dead!

Back at the Mall, the GUARDIAN presides over the chained and terrified Mall Rats. A traitorous TRUDY queens it over them all.

Meanwhile EBONY rushes to LEX and BRAY; BRAY’s got a pulse, and LEX is okay.

Our Tribe are devastated. Even the Supreme Fruitcake is thrown by the news of BRAY’s end. TRUDY demands the bodies of LEX and BRAY be retrieved. After all, BRAY has the royal blood of ZOOT in his veins  even if it isn’t flowing.

The GUARDIAN’s lieutenant, LUKE, arrives back at the overturned buggy to find it empty. Where are they? The GUARDIAN assures the Supreme Mother that LEX and BRAY can’t have gotten far. LUKE and the CHOSEN go back to search Š

LEX and EBONY lead the injured BRAY to cover. LEX takes off to check out what’s happening. EBONY waitsŠ and spies a CHOSEN SCOUT.

RYAN and SALENE rejoin the others, having been captured. ELLIE rallies hope. As long as they stick together they have a chance. Oh, no! All the Tribal Leaders are being disposed of!

EBONY tends to her injured patient. Bray can’t understand why she’d even bother. But Ebony’s face says it all. She’s in love.

The first day dawns on the Age of Zoot. The MALL RATS are starving, but remain slaves until they obey Zoot’s laws. TAI-SAN disagrees on principle. Until she repents, there’ll be no food Š for anyone.

SALENE tells her husband to stop fussing about the baby. But RYAN has some questions. How long has she known about the pregnancy and is the baby the only reason she agreed to marry him?

LEX joins EBONY and BRAY hiding out. But the CHOSEN are hot on their trail. EBONY and LEX create a diversion while their injured friend remains hidden. But BRAY is being watched.

When LEX and EBONY return they find that BRAY has gone!

The rebels lose their cause. If BRAY’s quit then what’s the point? EBONY’d rather save herself. Meanwhile the MALL RAT slaves are starving. MAY cannot live on air alone. She blames TAI-SAN and her principles.

LEX and EBONY spy PRIDE spying on them. They give chase.

LUKE brings the captured BRAY before his leader. A grieving BRAY is led away and locked up.

TAI-SAN rallies the troops; they have to stick together. Traitorous TRUDY tells her old friends she did it all for love. To prove it she commands the guards give the little lost lambs as much food and drink as they want.

ELLIE’s convinced there must be a secret escape route. Think JACK!

TRUDY convinces the GUARDIAN that BRAY’s noble blood makes him an ideal candidate for recruitment to the cause. She offers to break him in, but the eco-warrior remains defiant. Not if the CHOSEN were the last tribe on Earth. TRUDY tells him that day will come.

JACK’s attempt at escape goes awry.

Slick PRIDE leads EBONY and LEX into a trap. Who is this cat?

RYAN corners SALENE. Explanation time. She just wanted him to marry her for her and not because she was pregnant. All is resolved. But what’s that uneasy look she’s concealing from hubby?

The GUARDIAN decides he does have a use for science afterall  in the name of Zoot’s glory, which is a great distance away, but fearful JACK cannot refuse.

Pride explains his background to LEX and EBONY. His tribe live in harmony with the animal world. They are guided by EAGLE, one who seeks to lead without dominating – she is a natural born leader.