Tribe SERIES 3 AND the future?

So what happens next? What is the future?

You’ve seen the end of Tribe Series 2 – and what a cliffhanger. But where do things go from here?

The Chosen and the city

Have they won? Surrounding the Mall Rats and other Tribe leaders, what will the Guardian do? Will he convert them to worship Zoot? Will he take over the city?

Will the Tribe leaders and Mall Rats put up a fight to try to overthrow the Chosen?

What will happen to the city – will a peaceful new world emerge as favoured by the Mall Rats – or are things about to take a turn for the worse with the Chosen in charge – and “power and chaos” to rule again?


What about Ebony? Will she try to rescue Bray and the other Mall Rats or leave them to their fate at the hands of the Chosen?

Doesn’t she still love Bray though?

What is her agenda – what is she after?


What is going on? Is Trudy really the Supreme Mother? Is she sincere when she talks about Zoot and power and chaos? Or is this just a ploy – perhaps she has to “play along” with the Guardian in order to ensure she has access to Brady, whom she loves more than anything else in the world…

Will Trudy rejoin the Mall Rats – or is she lost forever to Zoot and “power and chaos”?

What about Brady? Can Brady be saved from the Chosen or is Brady’s destiny to follow in her father’s footsteps…?


Will Bray survive the crash in the go-kart? If he survives that, can he survive the wrath of the crazy Guardian and Chosen Tribe?

Does Bray still love Danni? Will he try to save her from the Chosen or does he have other challenges of greater urgency?

A mystery

There has been talk that a former member of the Mall Rats is making a surprising comeback…

Who is it? Where have they been? What do they want?

What will be the effect of their return on the other Mall Rats – and the future of the city as a whole…?

Lex and Tai-San

Poor Lex – can he also survive the crash of the go-kart at the end of Series 2?

What about him and Tai-San? They may be married but do they really share the deep bonds of love? Will their love last or turn out to be nothing more than a temporary thing…?

The Mall Rats

They’ve been through so much together – survival, creating a New World, loves, jealousies, friendships, betrayals.

What will the future hold for them? Can Dal, Ellie, Jack, Alice, Patsy, Chloe, KC, Ryan, Cloudy and the others survive the threat of the Chosen? Can they stay together as a group and try to change the future again for the better by creating a New World?

We’ll be able to look into the future when Tribe 3 hits television screens from the autumn of this year…

Until then, keep the dream alive…