Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 51 and 52

Let us prey… The Tribal Leaders are held – a captive audience. Praise be to Zoot!

Security expert LEX advises BRAY to sit tight and wait. It’s the only way to save his girl.

CLOE and PATSY need to warn the others back at the Mall. But evil Trudy’s everywhere… Be afraid; be very afraid – for the future is upon us, and ZOOT wishes to free the world from tomorrow…

Back at the Mall, peace and tranquility reign – sort of. BRADY’s not eating – and neither’s SALENE.

United the Tribal Leaders stand, but divided they fall. Will all DANNI’s principles go up in smoke? – This is getting to be far from a gas.

ALICE arrives at the Mall on a search and rescue – for the CHOSEN are back. Surely ALICE must be mistaken, says poisonous TRUDY sweetly. While the kids are left in a quandary, ALICE stomps off to locate her little sister. But the sinister hooded ZOOT worshippers have already infiltrated their home. ELLIE and ALICE are captured whilst JACK, hiding, can – or is it will? – do nothing to save them.

Supreme Traitor TRUDY tries to convince the remainder of the Tribe that ALICE is working for EBONY. But PATSY enters and reveals all – a beat too late. See ya, and thanks for everything.

DANNI’s defiant. She’s counting on BRAY coming to rescue her, but unfortunately so is the GUARDIAN…

LEX, RYAN, and BRAY return to the Mall to find JACK paralysed by self-hatred. He’s a yeller belly! The battered and bruised WOLF is dumped on the MALL RATS’ doorstep with a message from the CHOSEN. They have until noon tomorrow to give themselves up.

Captive at the Hotel, the MALL RATS rally together – they mustn’t give up hope. Prisoner PATSY is summoned by the Supreme Mother – pity about that test of faith you failed, PATSY dear…

WOLF blows his cover: it was all made up. Hero JACK to the rescue!

Praise be to Zoot: DANNI gives in…

JACK’s cooked up a plan to save the world – and DANNI and ELLIE, of course. Smokin’!

Are the GUARDIAN’s intentions toward BRAY honourable? Once BRAY gives himself up to save DANNI, he’ll be reunited with his glorious brother – in Heaven. But has the Supreme Mother got a different kind of eternity in mind for her first true love?

LEX tries to mobilise the people. But they’re not moved… BRAY stomps off to do a better job.

Baddy-two-shoes TRUDY has all the power. If BRAY doesn’t show, then DANNI’s history. And time’s running out. DANNI is escorted to the poolside, to the beat of a ceremonial drum…

JACK’s a very bright spark, but will his plan backfire?

BRAY finally moves the people with a moving speech. Is everyone about to give up without a fight!!??

DANNI’s pretty head on a spear may give everyone pause for thought. BRAY displays once more his flair for the dramatic – but does he give himself up at the last moment? Surely it must be obvious to the honest ECOWARRIOR that the GUARDIAN will not honour his side of the bargain?

Suddenly the smoke hits the clan as the MALL RATS’ army attacks…

Brave JACK rescues those MALL RATS held captive. Yayee for the people who were prepared to be moved! The GUARDIAN, TRUDY and their elite guards withdraw. But BRAY is hot on their heels, whilst commander LEX commandeers a dune buggy and scouts on ahead.

SALENE finds RYAN badly injured. You can’t die on me now, RYAN – I’m going to have a baby!!! – Say that again, sweet SAL?

Down by the sea, the MALL RATS’ army advances. The CHOSEN are trapped. That psycho GUARDIAN is prepared not only to kill but to die for what he believes… but is he prepared to be made a fool of? PATSY sand-pies him. Hey, what’s that strange ominous rumble ominously rumbling over the horizon? To hang with this! TRUDY does a Lady Godiva. All Hail the Supreme Mother! LEX and BRAY go for a little ride. BRAY’s always been one for a headtrip… and LEX has always been the bomb.

Above the beach, a troubled EBONY watches as events unfold below…