Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 49 and 50

EBONY’s out of her depth. PATSY dives for cover. Praise Zoot – the evil GUARDIAN commands his CHOSEN followers to find their little ‘friend’ before she blabs.

The Mall Rats toast the happy couples. But ALICE, feeling glum, leaves the party and the Mall. JACK gets uppity. SALENE acts like an abandoned wife and hits on ????. DANNI gets a grip – while SALENE loses hers – temporarily.

Surprise!! RYAN’s the happiest man in Venice. SALENE’s not. She just needs a bit more time. RYAN understands – he doesn’t suspect a thing!

PATSY returns to the Mall, shocked by the murder of EBONY. CLOE ignores her, but TRUDY’s been very worried. Traumatised PATSY breaks down in sobs. TRUDY slips up… and PATSY is confused.

ALICE returns to the Hotel. Unaware of EBONY’s fate, she walks straight into the clutches of the GUARDIAN and his evil CHOSEN, who hold the MILITIA captive. Either they all join up for the Great Crusade, or they get hiffed off the roof. ALICE is defiant, but the GUARDIAN is adamant. She will kneel down and serve the Mighty ZOOT!

TRUDY finally calms PATSY. They don’t have to worry about right or wrong any more: ZOOT decides for them…

LEX’s got a hearty appetite but RYAN’s not himself.

JACK’s not being kind to DAL.

MAY gives SALENE relationship advice. You either have to tell your man the truth… or sleep with him. SALENE feels caught between a rock and a hard place.

ALICE demands to know where EBONY is. But the GUARDIAN is determined to break her – if she worshipped ZOOT she’d never have to be ³Sad Alice², not ever ever again. Not-so-sad ALICE remains defiant. The GUARDIAN casually reveals that EBONY is dead.

PATSY has nightmares about her role in the murder.

SALENE takes the plunge and beds RYAN.

PATSY gets a very large surprise from a very unghostly presence…

EBONY haunts PATSY – and she’s real mad, too.

SALENE retches. Is that old bull-mania back? RYAN’s new wife explains: she just had one bevy too many on her bridal night!

PATSY blubbers. EBONY demands answers.

TAI-SAN and LEX are blissfully happy in their newly-weddedness and mutually-beddedness. But what’s wrong chez RYAN and SALENE?

Scary TRUDY asks her little helper to look after baby BRADY while she goes visiting. PATSY’s scared.

EBONY sneaks into the Hotel in search of ALICE.

BRADY’s crying, but her babysitter’s in another world. CLOE changes some soaking nappies – and discovers the baby is not at all what she seems!

CLOE tears off to tell mega-responsible BRAY and DANNI about the little BRADY who isn’t – but the MALL RAT leaders, like Elvis, have already left the building to head to the Gathering. It never rains but it pours… Everything’s clear as mud to CLOE now!

EBONY frees ALICE – with the unconscious assistance of AXL – but she’s not going back to help any of those ungrateful loser-RATS, thank you very much! ALICE makes her way back to the Mall alone, as Huckleberry EBONY lights out for the territory…

PATSY confides in CLOE. The ORPHANS, DEMON DOGS, ROOSTERS and other Tribal Leaders are nothing but sitting ducks, now they’ve been Gathered together in one place… Evilly smiling TRUDY returns – and the girls run for it.

It’s time. DANNI goes into the meeting place alone – BRAY’s got a reluctant security person to rark up before he follows.

Back at the Mall, TRUDY advances her plan.

CLOE and PATSY arrive outside the meeting place, out of breath and in with a chance. BRAY is horrified – DANNI’s in there! But it’s too late. The GUARDIAN and his CHOSEN appear from nowhere and surround the building…