Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 47 and 48

J’accuse – but TRUDY has a perfectly plausible explanation. The whole Supreme Mother act was terribly awful – and she hated every single minute of being treated like a minor goddess. Poor TRUDY!

The MALL RATS get news about ALICE. ELLIE’s sure her sister can handle EBONY, Wicked Witch of the North, any day. ALICE and EBONY’ve got mutual R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

So where was LEX last night? As if TAI-SAN didn’t know! MAY volunteers her unbiased, objective opinion. LEX is not impressed.

MALL RAT meeting. RYAN announces that he and SALENE have special plans. The vote is cast: Will May be in or out???

ELLIE visits her sister at the Hotel. BILLY-BOY’s disappeared – and the JACKALS blame the MALL RATS. The MALL RATS blame EBONY. EBONY blames BRAY.

KC stumbles over LIPS, TEETH and DIMPLES – and helps RYAN shop for a special gift. It’s a steal!

DANNI and BRAY come in to report on their Tribal Meeting – it worked, mostly. TRUDY gives DANNI the third degree.

EBONY arrives at the Mall and confronts DANNI. Can’t EBONY handle a dose of her own medicine? But EBONY isn’t the one who needs medication – it’s those insane CHOSEN. EBONY becomes the victim of an executive decision.

ELLIE confesses – she thought TRUDY was LEX’s secret lover, not but who is it? LEX proposes an ingenious solution.

TRUDY reports to the GUARDIAN. Tough-talking EBONY’s about to be silenced. TRUDY’ll ‘take care of’ ALICE.

RYAN’s petrified – what if his girl doesn’t show? And why’d she change her mind and say yes anyhow?

TRUDY plots.

Hey, JACK’s not worried about a ring – oops, a thing!

TAI-SAN comes to Heartbreak Hotel to tell ALICE about the real thing. They reach an understanding, but ALICE declines her invitation.

DAL’s sick of JACK’s incompetence. Pull your finger out, JACK, sez DAL pointedly: this one’s out of my hands.

CLOE’s annoyed – What’s with TRUDY and her ruler-of-the-universe, boss-of-everyone attitude? PATSY wears a secret smile.

KC tells “the SMILE” where to go.

ALICE arrives: changing her mind’s a woman’s prerogative, after all. TRUDY’s got a very, very special errand for PATSY.

Deliverance time. PATSY does a nice line in hysteria (but we knew that). EBONY is completely taken in.

Yippee for the happy couples. They all do – even SALENE. Peace, happiness and prosperity… ’til death do them part. LIPS, TEETH and DIMPLES do what they do best.

Under the Boardwalk, down by the sea… GUARDIAN of what, exactly?? For this is the Place… where EBONY meets the sinister black van…