Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 45 and 46

TAI-SAN is LEX’s secret lover? But TAI-SAN’s ALICE’s best friend!

EBONY’s not saying she hasn’t wished SPIKE dead; she’s not saying she’s sorry he is; and she’s not saying she wouldn’t have killed him herself, given half the chance… She’s just saying – she didn’t. BRAY’s not saying he believes her. EBONY’s in deep water – but then, JACK can be so shallow.

ALICE is headed back to the farm for some time out. Damn you, LEX!

BILLY-BOY, don’t be a hero, don’t be a fool with your life… The man they call the JACKAL is giving LEX flak. Auntie RYAN saves the day. LEX fumes; troublemaking TRUDY smiles a secret, nasty smile – but not as nasty as THE SMILE made up of LIPS, TEETH and DIMPLES… Time to pass on some of that poison to gullible little PATSY.

MILITIAman AXL rose to the occasion, but got up our girl’s nose. This whole city’s a war zone, toe rag! ALICE has the right to remain silent, but silent has never been her styleŠ

BRAY’s got a weird, bad feeling – again. JACK’s back and DAL’s on the outer. Did FARMBOY bother ELLIE while JACK was away?

ALICE gets support from the unlikeliest of all sources – EBONY.

TAI-SAN dismisses LEX, the energy is all-wrong. Girls’ stuff, huh?

EBONY puts two and two together, and comes up with five. Does EBONY have a heart after all? Don’t bet on it. ALICE is fooled – and signs up for a tour of duty with those militant MILITIA.

SALENE is shocked by a spot of nausea in the morning. What does this mean? – She is distracted by a marauding band of JACKALS, on the hunt for their missing leader. Any Mall Rat in a pinch!

CLOE argues with PATSY – can’t the petulant princess see how peculiar TRUDY has become? PATSY begs to differ, CLOE Cone head!

Cone head tries to give RYAN some TLC – but he’s just not biting.

Praise be to Zoot… Once the Mission is accomplished, PATSY’ll be able to spend as much time with CLOUDY as she wants. Keep your mouth shut, chick! The Supreme Mother orders an act of contrition.

Bad-penny MAY turns up again, just in time to save SALENE from the Smiling JACKALS. Oh, SALENE… don’t you know you’re pregnant?

LIPS, TEETH and DIMPLES conceive of a wonderful thought. MAY stymie`s the crazed beamers – they rush away with the JACKALS in search of that MALL RAT girly.

The streets are full of danger – but SALENE can’t go back to the Mall! MAY inquires: what’s love got to do, got to do with it? – Quite a lot, really, when you’re a pregnant romantic. MAY tells SALENE she could have RYAN eating out of her hand… and MAY wouldn’t mind seeing her old cobber LEX once more, either.

Love hurts. LEX can’t have TAI-SAN while ALICE is suffering so!

What a crazy world it is, when the only person EBONY can trust is ALICE! Everyone else is suspect… It’s trading day, but where are the traders?

ELLIE tells TAI-SAN not to beat herself up – after all, what girl in her right mind would ever fall for LEX? The oriental oracle is stuck for an answer.

MAY and SALENE come cautiously into the Mall – to a mixed welcome. Maybe something’s about to come between TAI-SAN and LEX. Now would that be good, or would that be good?

BRAY doesn’t like what’s going on in the city – it’s almost starting to add up, and that can never be a good thing.

The JACKALS turn up smiling – where’s BILLY-BOY then, MALL RATS? RYAN gets mad. He and LEX deal to the JACKALS, complete with their LIPS, TEETH and DIMPLES. SALENE is impressed with his bravery. Thanks for standing up for me! – RYAN wasn’t, and he didn`tŠ

ALICE spies some MILITIA talking with WOLF. So everyone’s just questioning everyone else about good ol’, dead ol’ SPIKE, huh?

LEX can’t remember if it’s all-good. It isn’t. TAI-SAN is finished with him.

There’s a black van hovering in yonder distance. EBONY, however, has a sly plan – to get the MILITIA trusting her again. Trust her!

Another turgid night in the Phoenix Mall. SALENE begs RYAN’s forgiveness – she is truly, truly sorry… while LEX begs MAY to lead him not into temptation – he’s a man in lurve! MAY is more amused than repentant – until, lurking in the shadows, she catches sight of the SUPREME MOTHER… What the hell is she doing here?!