Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 43 and 44

BRAY is shocked. A seduction goes awry. SALENE is mortified.

At the Hotel, DANNI confronts EBONY about sinister black vans; kidnapping; and scare mongering… The city security chief is impressed. But no jealous girlie’s gonna turn her into the enemy.

Typical TAI-SAN. She’s off to realign her karmic energies so LEX and ALICE can be left alone – so sweet.

All BRAY’s chicks come home to roost: DANNI; EBONY; and TRUDY… But which one’s hatching a plan? TRUDY’s very convincing – but then TRUDY is. EBONY storms off – but then EBONY does.

LEX practices telling ALICE the truth. TAI-SAN is taken aback.

BRAY’s forced to admit DANNI was right about evil EBONY all along.

DAL seeks advice. He really likes his best friend’s girl. ALICE is adamant. Never betray your friends… not even for love.

TRUDY crowns Queen PATSY. Everyone makes choices. Rulers… or slaves?

LEX tells ALICE he’s in love… but not with her. Could things get any worse?

Remorseful SALENE tells RYAN goodbye. Full of self-loathing, she assures him he’s making a lucky escape.

JACK’s miserable. Only the brainy die young. ELLIE’s proud of him, but she’d be just as proud if he quit. JACK’s no wimp!

SALENE steals a goodbye cuddle from BRADY. Don’t little ones change quickly? TRUDY’s furious, SALENE’s stung and CLOE’s right: TRUDY is a weirdo – and we don’t mean that in a good way.

CLOE bares her soul to PATSY. Despite their differences of opinion, she misses her. How sad – for PATSY doesn’t miss her old best friend at all. TRUDY bestows baby-minding responsibilities on PATSY while she secretly meets with the GUARDIAN. Disintegration, indoctrination… everything as planned. One of these babies is not like the other. Mummy’s missed little BRADY so much… Behold The Supreme Mother of the Child! All power to Zoot!!

ALICE knows the half-truth and pieces together the rest; LEX is in love with weird TRUDY! TAI-SAN steels herself to confess to the greatest betrayal of all…

RYAN feels like the last kid on earth. Where’s SALENE? Gee, the way she ran off, it’s as if she was ashamed of somethingŠ

Is EBONY really the Kidnapper? Hope she hasn’t got SALENE… TRUDY schemes with THE GUARDIAN. The gullible MALL RATS blame the abductions on the little girl with the tough talk – all they have to do is prove it. Easy-peasy. TRUDY settles a score…

Watch it, JACK – EBONY’s got ways of dealing with those who bug herŠ

LEX has been distracted. RYAN has been peeved. They talk. LEX is distracted. RYAN is peeved.

DANNI pesters BRAY. He’s holding out on her. The honest one tells the whole naked truth (leaving out the passionately reciprocated kiss). SALENE tried to seduce DANNI’s boyfriend! BRAY is reassuring – he held out on her, too…

LEX and TAI-SAN get down and dirty in the sewers and throw caution to the winds. Is this a spiritual, bendy blade of grass versus a broken tree moment?

ELLIE and DAL get necking. DAL confesses all. SPIKE is nabbed… while JACK quakes in his cubbyhole.

BRAY goes looking for SALENE. DANNI figures out what’s wrong between PATSY and CLOE – TRUDY!

All-innocence TRUDY promises DANNI to try harder with CLOE… and fix that wee troublemaker for good!

BRAY arrives at the Hotel just in time to save 006 1/2 from evil EBONY. This time the girl’s not going to get away with… murder. Did someone SPIKE the hotel pool?

ALICE is outclassed by that fruitcake… TAI-SAN.