Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 41 and 42

Mall security is slipping… Luckily DANNI remains passionate and driven. Rug-ball heads will roll. She rarks up ECO-BOY. Are there too many chiefs? ELLIE thinks so. JACK and DAL bicker – but is their beef with each other really about the security grille?

KC owes the rat-race punters big time. Will RYAN be his bodyguard? No chance.

WOLF plots with the sinister CHOSEN. He delivers a message from The Supreme Mother… Let the Terror begin!

The holiday’s over. JACK’s got some serious pool-partying to do at EBONY’s – and that’s an order. All work and no play makes JACK a very cross, ELLIE-less boy.

There’s a secret smile on the face of TRUDY, the Mall Rat’s finest cook – has LEX the rat got food-poisoning? TAI-SAN makes an herbal tonic. GOD made TAI-SAN a better person than ALICE – or did She? LEX tells ALICE not to worry – that chick is always weird.

TRUDY flips out when she spots SALENE picking up her baby. TRUDY’s so up and down these days. She counsels SALENE about RYAN’s marriage proposal. It’d be terrible to marry one person when you really wanted someone else – BRAY, for instanceŠ

RYAN’s moody. Does DAL smell? While JACK’s away the RATS will play. What exactly is ELLIE playing at?

On TRUDY’s advice, SALENE talks to BRAY. Are she and he might-have-beens? More like has-beens. BRAY tells her to follow her heart – that RYAN could be a lucky guy.

RYAN saves KC from a gang of aggrieved rat-race punters – down by the riverside. BUG-HER! JACK’s gadgetry cuts out at a vital moment.

SALENE tells TRUDY she’s going to accept RYAN’s offer. But TRUDY warns her not to settle for second best.

EBONY learns of JACK’s presence at the pool party. She has a lot more work for him too. ELLIE’ll have to wait. But RYAN’s waiting is over. SALENE says… ŒNo’.

A DRUNKEN TRIBAL LEADER is abducted by a sinister black van. Long-range forecast: stormy weather, and lots of spookiness aheadŠ

TRUDY and PATSY don’t have long to wait. The future’s almost here… and the city’s kids are running scared – but from whom?

Here comes the bride… TRUDY puts her foot in it. Mind you, she’s bound to walk all over people with the whole world at her feet and all. SALENE is upset – there isn’t going to be any wedding.

ELLIE goes to see JACK at the Hotel, but she’s not allowed in. She does find a little KID with a big story thoughŠ

PATSY knows a secret – but it’s not one any more. SALENE changed her mind. TRUDY consoles heart-broken RYAN. Sometimes people get confused, but there’s no confusion about TRUDY’s trouble making. So SALENE’s been talking with her ex, has she?… RYAN’s furious.

TAI-SAN is wracked with guilt over her relationship with LEX. She tells him it’s all overŠ

Could cannibals be behind the abductions? ELLIE makes a meal of the rumor, but the Tribe needs real evidence to sink their teeth into… DANNI makes no bones about it, EBONY’s the culprit. It’s cards-on-the-table time for honest BRAY and his girl. DANNI’s obsessed Œcos BRAY and EBONY had a thing once. ECO-WARRIOR is self-righteous, and so vain!

RYAN goes to love Œem and leave Œem LEX for counseling. LEX advises him to have it out with BRAY.

CLOE’s not fooled. TRUDY is different. But does CLOE want to end up on the outside, with nowhere to go?

Master spy returns. What’s with the jewelry box, ELLIE?

SALENE’s RYAN-less and CLOE’s PATSY-less. They commiserate.

JACK conveys the news about EBONY’s meeting. The mike may’ve cut out, but the tiny terror is definitely up to something.

RYAN launches himself at BRAY. Intervention comes from an unlikely source. LEX is much misunderstood and maliciously maligned.

DANNI upbraids BRAY and then stalks off to the Hotel – to sort out the braided chick. SALENE pays a surprise visit to BRAY. BRAY is surprised.