Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 39 and 40

Jumpy JACK is almost sprung. If EBONY ever found out he was spying on her…

CLOE’s scared too – of TRUDY. PATSY warns her: no one knows what’s coming, but when it does, CLOE’s going to need all the friends she can get.

LEX and TAI-SAN spend the night together – and this time it’s not “for the good of the tribe”. Will ALICE still love them tomorrow? TAI-SAN is uncharacteristically confused and guilty.

ELLIE appeals to BRAY. JACK’s scared! DANNI suggests ELLIE find a happy story for the newssheet. BRAY’s impressed by his woman’s touch.

KC and CLOE advertise their rat race. But they disagree over training techniques. CLOE goes independent.

BILLY-BOY and the JACKALS arrive at the Trading Market – with a free passage. Deputy ALICE frisks them. These boys are trouble.

JACK returns from heartbreak Hotel all shook up. He promises ELLIE he’ll try and get DAL to help with the nerve-wracking spy work.

ALICE confides in TAI-SAN. She’s following her heart, but in the interests of subtlety, could her best pal put in a good word?

LEX uses KC to frame BILLY-BOY. EBONY throws them out; KC learns a valuable lesson from his friend and mentor LEX.

CLOE is all -alone. She doesn’t want to see creepy TRUDY ever again.

Ventriloquist newcomer WOLF and his dummy charm ELLIE. And DAL is charmed by JACK. Against his better judgement, he agrees to help his old project-buddy at the Hotel.

TAI-SAN gets mad. ALICE is hurting and all LEX can think about is himself. LEX gets madder. He can’t tell ALICE because he doesn’t want to hurt her. And if last night was just another one-night stand by the daytime Virgin Queen of Harmony, he can’t take that either.

TAI-SAN’s surprised. She admits she’s falling to a lower level, but how low will she go? – LEX is thrilled.

ELLIE scores her big front-page story. The CHOSEN are finished!

LEX emerges from TAI-SAN’S and is nearly caught out, again. Deputy ALICE voices concern to her closest friend. Sheriff LEX didn’t sleep in his bed last night. Where oh where could he have been?

Covert LEX dives into KC’s to hide from ALICE. Time to… um… make peace? TRUDY brims with forgiveness.

JACK and DAL are spooked by their spying.

The Tribe learns the good news. Yayee – the Chosen are finished. Time for a party.

CLOE sobs. Babyish PATSY is getting her down. And it’s all TRUDY’s fault. SALENE tries to be cheery. She promises that RYAN will find her a rat for the race.

TRUDY invites LEX to a special dinner to celebrate their new understanding.

At the farm, RYAN triumphs, catching Ratty. But will they make it back in time? JACK and DAL return and watch jealously as WOLF hangs around ELLIE.

CLOE and her rat arrive too late. But KC finds his guaranteed winner has disappeared. Yippee for CLOE. Life in the fast lane! Ratty, steady, go! All the other rats are suspiciously sleepy. SALENE is overjoyed until RYAN proposes.

ELLIE reassures JACK. WOLF may be handsome and witty and kind of twice the man JACK is, but it’s JACK she really wants.

TRUDY cooks LEX dinner. Smell a rat?

Outside the Mall, a hooded figure meets with the WOLF in sheep’s clothing. The time has come…