Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 37 and 38

BRAY and DANNI see a chance for peace. The city tribes are united against the CHOSEN, but they need all the leaders – including big bad BILLY-BOY of the JACKALS – on their side. Since LEX barred him from the Trading Market, MALL RAT/JACKAL relations have been volatile. BRAY favors appeasement, but LEX isn’t backing down – isn’t this interference actually BRAY’s way of undermining LEX’s leadership? LEX is convinced of it when BRAY orders JACK to help his security rival, EBONY, at the Hotel. JACK has other things to worry about – like ELLIE out on the town, hunting down the dangerous CHOSEN…

ELLIE’s frustrated. All she and RYAN need is one hard piece of evidence and they’ve got their story.

ALICE makes her move on LEX. Dinner for two. He’s bewildered.

Mother’s little helper, PATSY, doesn’t want to go to the smelly old farm with CLOE.

BRAY tells BILLY-BOY and the JACKALS there’s been a misunderstanding. Too right – and if BRAY doesn’t fix LEX, then BILLY-BOY will.

TAI-SAN tells LEX to be kind to ALICE, and let her down gently.

ELLIE gives up. RYAN heads for the hills. Tell SALENE … goodbye.

CLOE complains to DAL about TRUDY’s grown-uppitiness. And the worst thing is PATSY’s complicity!

DANNI forces JACK out of the closet. BRAY has a cunning plan – if you can’t beat Œem, bug Œem. Meanwhile our eco-warrior does a spot of spying of his own – and learns of LEX and ALICE’s secret date.

JACK is overjoyed to see his girlfriend return – as the MILITIA drag him away. But SALENE is distraught that RYAN has left them.

KC schemes. The rat race is gonna make him a fortune.

TRUDY comforts weepy SALENE. But why would RYAN go ranging? Past the gorge, it’s impassable.

BRAY uses his secret weapon to teach LEX about compromise: a date with his deputy ALICE, huh?

RYAN, poised deeply depressed above a ravine, looks before he leaps…

RYAN’s outlook is abysmal. He’s just about to take the plunge when SALENE appears. Embarrassed, he tells her he was only taking a closer look to get his bearings. Really?

ALICE hunts for a slinky outfit. Without revealing it’s for her secret hot date with LEX, she gets some help from styley TRUDY … but is the matronly flowery number really all that?

Agent 00-JACK is bundle of nerves. EBONY demands to know why he’s snooping around her private suite.

SALENE returns with RYAN just as LEX is trying to give ALICE the slip. ALICE catches him, dressed to kill.

CLOE is shocked by TRUDY’s weird influence over her best friend PATSY. What’s the deal with playing mummy’s little darling?

BRAY calls a meeting to give everyone an update on the CHOSEN. They need to maintain their defenses against an attack. To ALICE’s surprise, LEX backs down and allows BILLY-BOY and the JACKALS into the trading market. Sometimes to avoid war we all have to make compromises. DANNI’s surprised. How did ecowarrior pull that off? … There are things even kisses can’t buy.

LEX hits the Seedy Dive with ALICE. He stands in the Lou, trying to pluck up the courage to tell her the truth…

CLOE shows PATSY the white rat and snatches a moment of fun before TRUDY, the wicked stepmother, tracks them down.

ALICE is a never-on-the-first date kind of gal. LEX is relieved, but TAI-SAN is angry. LEX dredges up some old hurt. Maybe he should’ve just slept with ALICE “for the good of the tribe”, huh? The pair to and fro into the night, taking turns having the last word, until they are lost for words … and share a deep passionate kiss.