Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 35 and 36

LEX emerges from the rubble. Hurray! ALICE counts her blessings: heroic LEX is numero uno, and he’s back on deck – big time. EBONY senses a threat. ALICE brings her injured hero flowers and an alcohol-free pep talk. LEX is touched, but takes a rain check on the massage.

PATSY apologizes for her abysmal baby-minding record. TRUDY is surprisingly warm and sympathetic. Friends again?

EBONY doesn’t buy the new improved version of LEX. The two go head to head over security. LEX tells EBONY if the King is back, the Queen should watch that head of hersŠ

ELLIE quizzes TRUDY about the CHOSEN. But TRUDY’s not talking. PATSY tells the journo scum to get lost.

JACK stands up to LEX. He’s got a life! LEX gives JACK an ultimatum – the chick or the Tribe, mate.

EBONY rebukes TAI-SAN. Her kind of power is far worse than Ebony’s own. She’s like a spider – with a sticky web Š Perhaps that’s what SALENE needs. She tells RYAN to stop bugging her.

TRUDY takes the girls out for a mystery walk. SALENE’s told to stay home. It’s a special TRUDY, PATSY and CLOE time – a chance for a girly super-bond. What’s TRUDY up to? Well at least she’s noticed PATSY and ClOE are growing up. And any time they want to talk about boys, she’s only too happy to oblige.

DANNI and BRAY flirt. EBONY’s cutting. Can’t they be a bit more useful? RYAN confides in ELLIE. He tries to do the right thing, but Š maybe there’s something wrong with him. ELLIE is indignant – of course not! Why doesn’t he come help her get the CHOSEN story?

BRAY tries to make those at the Tribal Forum understand the real threat the CHOSEN pose – but he is (once again) boring his audience. TRUDY steps up Š and delivers a powerful speech. All present are overcome with emotion. SALENE congratulates BRAY on the outcome of the Forum, and explains about her fall-out with RYAN. BRAY offers a shoulder to cry on – any time. They hug. DANNI enters – and raises a suspicious eyebrow.

ALICE tells TAI-SAN the vibes are right for her and LEXŠ LEX has a proposition for ALICE. Will she be his Š Deputy? Not exactly what she’d envisaged, but it’s a start.

SALENE cries on BRAY’s shoulder, confessing her concern for RYAN. DANNI fumes when she catches SALENE making puppy-dog eyes at BRAY.

LEX and ALICE patrol the market dealing to riff-raff. KC suffers a loss.

TRUDY dotes on PATSY and CLOE. Is EBONY still worried that TRUDY’ll spill about her secret betrayal? She’ll just have to sweat it out – unless she Œfaces up about why she was sobbing in the sewersŠ

ELLIE isn’t back from her newssheet expedition. If anything happens JACK’ll never forgive himself.

Judge DANNI passes sentence on the TOKEN THIEF. EBONY needles her about being too lenient – too much time with Mr. Softly. EBONY brags to DANNI about her long past with BRAY.

EBONY announces her decision to move back to her old HQ with the Militia. Is EBONY running scared or is she up to something?

BRAY tries to placate DANNI. EBONY and he are all in the past. DANNI feels betrayed. What other secrets has he got hidden away?

TRUDY has acquired airs and graces and won’t muck in at the farm. CLOE’s a happy helper, but why isn’t PATSY? Haughty TRUDY tells little CLOE to back off.

EBONY and LEX fight over access to JACK’s know-how. BRAY surprises all when he backs EBONY. JACK is dismayed. He has to go and help secure the Hotel HQ.

ELLIE’s ready to give up and go home. But RYAN just wants to be left alone with his SALENE problem.

TAI-SAN asks ALICE if she’s sure that LEX feels the same way about her. ALICE is convinced – and the deputy job just proves it.

BRAY tells DANNI she’s the best thing that’s happened to him in ages. DANNI’s won over. SALENE ogles jealously from the shadows.