Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 33 and 34

The return of… TRUDY – traumatised, imperious, mysterious, Madonna-like, and as temperamental as ever.

But not everyone rejoices in her homecoming. PATSY’s terrified: does TRUDY still blame her for the loss of little BRADY? Mother is certainly guarding BABY very closely. But to KC’s disappointment, she won’t be revealing any salacious details of her ordeal – it’s all way too painfulŠ

ELLIE returns from her epic sulk to make up with JACK. DANNI and BRAY are too blissed out about each other to focus on their work.

ALICE is furious to find LEX so hungover he’s practically comatose. But LEX claims this is a minor setback, not a one-way ticket to loserville – and anyway, he did it all for RYAN…

BRAY is overjoyed to see his little niece, and very relieved at her mother’s noble acceptance of his blossoming romance with DANNI. (Forever is a long time.)

CLOE and PATSY tell RYAN to make up with SALENE – or else – while TRUDY basks in her power over EBONY. She promises not to tell the others about the betrayal… for now.

Since EBONY’s too busy being lovesick, LEX assumes the role of Security Chief. The CHOSEN won’t have given up on TRUDY and BRADY – they are too important to their plans – so the Mall must be prepared for attack… ALICE needles the Comeback Kid – how can anyone believe a word he says?! LEX retorts: maybe she wouldn’t be so down on him if he’d accepted her offer at the dance party? Jerk! ALICE storms off to the farm, to associate with a better class of animal.

Move over LEX. The real EBONY’s back – and tougher than ever. She takes the helm once more as Head of Security – and the Tribe are together forever once more. TAI-SAN insists everyone take a moment.

ALICE discovers the volunteer farm-workers playing up. This isn’t a barndance! She sends them scattering… but is herself trapped under falling timber. Is ALICE history?

RYAN wakes after another night of sleeping rough. PATSY and CLOE urge him to make it up with SALENE. He’s been trying, but it’s not easy when the girl won’t even acknowledge him.

ELLIE discovers the role LEX played in her big sister’s angry withdrawal to the farm. If anything happens to ALICE, she’s gonna hold him responsibleŠ

EBONY the slave driver. JACK and DAL are tripping over their alarms trying to get them finished in time. TRUDY emerges for brekky, and flies off the handle when she imagines she hears whispers and speculation. What happened to her with the CHOSEN is nobody’s business but her own!!

EBONY’s laying it on the line again. She can run her MILITIA on whatever terms she wants, DANNI. And if it’s fear they’re talking about, remember the fear the entire adult population suffered at the hands of DANNI’s own dad?

ELLIE susses a great newssheet story – if she can just get TRUDY to talk.

BRAY’s relieved that EBONY is back to her power-hungry bad self. He confides in TAI-SAN: surely she didn’t mean any of that lovey-dovey drivel? TAI-SAN believes EBONY meant every word.

TAI-SAN visits the version of EBONY who doesn’t allow others to share her dreams. EBONY took TAI-SAN’s advice already, thanks – and from now on she’s advising herself.

RYAN’s not the only one trying the ŒS’ word. LEX takes off to the farm to apologise to ALICE – and finds her trapped under the rubble of the devastated barn.

DANNI’s getting focused, but not on BRAY’s luscious lips – what they need is a Tribal Forum to get other Tribe Leaders to pool resources against a CHOSEN attack.

SALENE tells TRUDY about her bust-up with RYAN. Wasn’t it insensitive of him to accuse her of wanting BRAY’s baby? TRUDY’s silence is telling. SALENE confesses: yes, she still gets excited when BRAY’s around.

LEX gives ALICE a kiss for good luck. But as the dust settles, hero LEX is nowhere to be seen…