Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 31 and 32

Can tense and fidgety LEX stay with the programme? It’s gonna be a rough ride; but ALICE is behind him all the way.

You can do anything you want when you’re making a brave new world. It’s time for all the Tribes to dance like they’ve never danced before: danceparty tonight, in Warehouse #15.

BRAY’s surprised by EBONY’s treatment of the TOKEN THIEF. It’s very fair and proper – and very unEBONY.

SALENE is horrified to discover RYAN’s been buying baby’s toys… He just doesn’t get it! RYAN wants to stay home and talk about it Œtil he does. But no pumpkin-lover’s gonna stop this CINDERELLA going to the ball.

ALICE quizzes LEX about ZANDRA, and learns about a woman of style, if not always substance.

Dancearama. BRAY and DANNI each have the other in thrall… SALENE’s watching jealously; RYAN’s jealously watching SALENE watching… and EBONY’s dancing for BRAY’s eyes only.

DAL runs into trouble with a TRIBAL LEADER. Eat the rich!

ALICE, woman of substance, surprises LEX by imitating ZANDRA, woman of style… LEX is scathing; ALICE is scalded. LEX, guilty and sorry, admits he’s bad when he’s drunk, but he’s a pig when he’s sober. ALICE is won over: just as well she knows a thing or two about slaughtering pigs.

RYAN pesters SALENE. Will he just stop ruining everything for her?! She flounces off, leaving him with his confusion – and a bottle of the hard stuff.

BRAY/Danny Zuko and EBONY/Cha-Cha win the dance contest! DANNI/Sandy the wall-flower slips away, hurting. The TRIBAL LEADER stirs up trouble – was that win rigged or what? BRAY charms the crowd and escapes trouble – for now.

SALENE, fretting back at the Mall, stirs DANNI up about BRAY. Yeah, she’s been there – and TRUDY, and AMBER…

EBONY’s pleased with herself – she got to dance with the man. Poor DANNI weeps alone by candlelight…

After the ball is over, after the break of day; many a heart is aching… EBONY’S lovesick; DANNI’s furious; SALENE’s forlorn; ELLIE’s still on walkabout; even TAI-SAN looks terrible: her sleep was broken by bad, bad dreams…

RYAN and LEX have an unexpected moment of true togetherness – in LEX’s exclusive, invitation-only bed. Get lost, RYAN!!

The street and farm WORK PARTIES are contemplating striking. How come the MALL RATS are always getting everyone else to do their dirty work?!

TAI-SAN offers EBONY a hangover cure. But there’s no cure for what ails EBONY… Except to follow her scaredy-cat heart. EBONY winkles BRAY away from his numerous admirers by telling him the two of them must meet with an informer in the city, to get the lowdown on the brewing rebellion.

SALENE pushes her sweetheart away once too often. From now on, RYAN’s gonna do what he wants, when he wants – got that, chick??

New LEX gives JACK the rundown on Old Lex. ALICE asks the reformed renegade to go after RYAN – he’d do it for you…

DAL once more faces the TRIBAL LEADER – and loses. The farm WORK PARTY decide they’d rather party than work.

EBONY is behaving wildly out of character – she’s nervous, she’s jumpy, she’s sweet… she’s truly, madly, deeply in love with the lady-killing eco-warrior. But BRAY doesn’t believe a word of it. Begging just doesn’t seem to work for EBONY, not with either of the brothers…

LEX and RYAN they come back to the Mall absolutely legless. SALENE and ALICE are disgusted.

TAI-SAN speaks: the seeds of discord have been planted, and their fruit will soon be harvested… Now there’s a metaphor Farmer Dal can understand.

EBONY watches, heartbroken, as BRAY leads a willing DANNI into his boudoir… Dawn breaks to find EBONY sobbing in the sewers – as the shadow of the Tribe’s greatest test yet falls over her…