Tribe Series 2 EPISODE 29 and 30

EBONY’s speech saved the Mall, but can she save herself? DANNI and BRAY urge the Head of Security to use her gift of oration for Peace and Progress rather than Power and Chaos – but she just wants to be left alone.

LEX sources RYAN’s problem – SALENE. Is LEX jealous of their special relationship? ALICE has a somewhat self-interested theory.

PATSY and CLOE bring DAL lunch at the farm. They’re annoyed at the reappearance of pretty JET and the GULLS, anxious to make up for spilling the eligible farmer-in-chief’s milk…

TAI-SAN tells EBONY to be honest with herself. EBONY denies having feelings for BRAY – and even if she did, what would be the point? First there was TRUDY in the way, then SALENE, then AMBER, and now there’s DANNI…

BRAY’s suspicions about EBONY linger. TAI-SAN argues. If she can forgive the girl who tried to poison her, why can’t everyone else?

DAL hoes with JET. PATSY and CLOE sulk. SALENE warns DANNI about another heart-BRAYker. Does SALENE harbour some unresolved feelings of her own?

ELLIE rewrites the newssheet. EBONY’s speech changed everything – they gotta tell the truth about DANNI’s dad. JACK doesn’t agree: sometimes the truth does hurt.

BRAY visits EBONY and assures her of his everlasting… respect. The Tribe really need her. Besides, it’s what DANNI wants… EBONY is less than won over.

The TRADERS complain. LEX and KC have schemed their way into a total monopoly on batteries. Hey – it’s a free market!

Since PATSY and CLOE are growing up and starting to do their own thing, RYAN suggests he and SALENE make a baby. SALENE is stunned.

EBONY suffers some BRAY-related flashbacks. ELLIE arrives, seeking advice about whether or not to print the Pandorax story. EBONY holds her rival’s future in her hands.

EBONY has archrival DANNI’s life in her hands – and she chooses to save it. What is the matter with her?!

RYAN’s keen to make babies; SALENE’s not.

PATSY and CLOE cook up opposing storms – for DAL. Porridge vs beans: and the porridge wins spoons down… Nothing like a bit of peace and love to start the day.

Doesn’t take much to get BRAY and DANNI excited. LEX is less than thrilled to be chivvied out of bed to deal with the new currency system. On the other hand – as Market Supervisor, LEX’ll be banker. A flaw in the perfect plan.

ALICE warns DAL – can he handle being irresistible? ‘Course, he’s had a crush of his own to distract him…

RYAN’s musing over baby names. TAI-SAN finds him terribly sweet; SALENE’s thinking of becoming a diabetic.

PATSY and CLOE argue over dead sexy DAL. CLOE’s off to the farm – with CLOUDY, and with attitude…

JACK and ELLIE’s turn to argue over the DANNI article. PATSY, scenting dissension, moves in.

LEX is back to bullying EBONY. Scaredy-cat!

PATSY runs after CLOE to give her the good news. JACK’s eligible and eminently appropriate – best buds and best buds… but CLOE’s not biting. Prissy PATSY perfect can bug off! The two girls start beating on each other.

Trouble in the market – the volunteers ain’t volunteering. BRAY has a highly effective word with EBONY.

ALICE explains the deal for grown-up women. PATSY and CLOE shake and make up.

LEX is just shaking. While he slept at his post, a rogue trader made off with all the tokens… What’s a bank to do?

LEX is fired. RYAN is hired. EBONY is inspired. DANNI is tired. ALICE is full of wisdom; TAI-SAN is full of dangerous advice; and ELLIE destroys the thing she loves…